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White Noise on Netflix-thoughts?

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Niftythrifter · 31/12/2022 17:29

I am about 30 minutes in..

OP posts:
countdowntonap · 31/12/2022 17:31

Ooo I didn’t know this was a thing! It’s one of my favourite books. Will watch tomorrow and report back.

Niftythrifter · 31/12/2022 19:24

I didn’t enjoy it at all. If I’m going to watch a Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver film I’ll stick with Frances Ha

OP posts:
Samcro · 31/12/2022 23:32

Just watched this, has to be one of the worst films I have ever seen

strugglingdaily · 31/12/2022 23:35

What a load of shit.

Ginger1982 · 31/12/2022 23:57

We started it. Lasted 20 mins. Switched to 'Let Him Go' with Kevin Costner instead!

crossstitchingnana · 01/01/2023 00:30

I liked it. Very odd.

Doingtheboxerbeat · 01/01/2023 03:57

Oh I absolutely loved it, found every character low key hilarious.

RightsHoarder · 01/01/2023 04:10

I also loved it

RiverSkater · 01/01/2023 04:27

Tedious shite!

Nandocushion · 01/01/2023 04:37

It's shit and I can't believe how much it cost and to me it demonstrates how much Hollywood is just about who you know, and Adam B clearly knows the right people. It had something like an $80m budget??

I did read the book and I didn't hate it.

dolor · 01/01/2023 04:39

I need to rewatch it because I was mildly intoxicated when I tried the first time, and fell asleep.

countdowntonap · 01/01/2023 15:59

40 minutes in and love it so far.
Read the book 15 years ago and enjoy postmodern narratives.

Faircastle · 01/01/2023 21:01

I think people will either love it or hate it.
Once I got over the shock that Adam Driver is now old enough to play middle-age, I found parts of it quite amusing / entertaining, but overall it was (a) trying to be a bit too clever and (b) trying to cram too many genres into one film.

LlynTegid · 03/01/2023 21:37

Seems like I made the right decision to give it a miss then when it was on at a local cinema.

Like the OP I enjoyed Frances Ha.

HPLikecraft · 03/01/2023 22:58

It's on chez Likecraft as I write. It's annoying the heck out of me. Tedious drivel trying to be funny and quirky. To be fair, it has had its moments, and Adam Driver is good, but I've resorted to MNing because I've had enough.

Nandocushion · 05/01/2023 04:32

Also, we found it really distracting how much Adam Driver looks like Alan Partridge in so many scenes.

greenredgrass · 05/01/2023 23:07

Nandocushion · 05/01/2023 04:32

Also, we found it really distracting how much Adam Driver looks like Alan Partridge in so many scenes.

That's the first thing I said when I watched it!!! Steve Coogan!!!

AssumingDirectControl · 05/01/2023 23:23

I found it too pretentious and slow. Didn’t care about any of the characters. Laughable in places.

Youreeavinalaff · 05/01/2023 23:44

One of those films that the director and actors clearly enjoyed making, but an absolute bore to watch. Tedious and pretentious. Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr Fox' is a more inspired exploration of the American dream, consumerism and ecological angst than this dreary film 😆

DurhamDurham · 07/01/2023 18:38

I laughed a few times but overall I just sat there thinking wtf?
It seemed to be trying far too hard to be clever. I did enjoy Adam's big Elvis/Hitler speech, that was a brilliant piece of film.

I also enjoyed the credits (mainly because it was over) and thought the choreography was great in that part; the people putting on and taking off from the supermarket conveyor belt was excellently done.

boatyardblues · 21/10/2023 19:58

This bobbed up on our suggestions. It’s a bit try hard. Like a Wes Anderson film but more rambling and less charming. Adam Driver does indeed look like Steve Coogan. I like the colour scheme in the supermarket and College on the Hill.

countdowntonap · 21/10/2023 21:11

@boatyardblues have you read the book?

boatyardblues · 21/10/2023 23:28

No. Is the book good? The film was bonkers and not in the good way.

AssumingDirectControl · 21/10/2023 23:45

I apparently watched this and posted about it in January but I have absolutely no memory of it at all. Which doesn’t say much.

countdowntonap · 22/10/2023 11:05

@boatyardblues yes the book is much better than the film!

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