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yay, just been to see cloverfield!

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luminarphrases · 02/02/2008 22:07

i loved it (even though it gave me a slight headache... plot, monster, all great. ive seen some criticism that its a bit slow to get going which is true, but i enjoyed it all the more... its all about the anticipation!

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sushistar · 02/02/2008 22:10

I hated it. It was th BABY SCREENING at our cinema. All th screaming, gun fire - i was so worried ds would be traumatised! [paranoid 1st time mother emoticon]

luminarphrases · 03/02/2008 01:06

its a v.v. odd baby screen choice though! esp as at our cinema it had posters all over the place about possible motion sickness etc.

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