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Falling for Christmas (Netflix)

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ZandathePanda · 26/11/2022 16:50

Just watched Falling for Christmas, on Netflix today. We were trying on save it until closer to Christmas but couldn’t resist. Has anyone else watched it yet? What did people think?

I was crying with laughter at my daughter’s running commentary about the hidden subplot of the evil daughter and grandmother kidnapping and drugging Lindsay Lohan’s character until she falls for the widower and gives him her inheritance. We now reckon next year’s sequel, ‘Drugged for Christmas’, will show the whole story again through the eyes of the grandmother’s secret boyfriend accomplice - the one who looks like Santa.

OP posts:
DesignerRecliner · 26/11/2022 17:11

It was so shit I dropped half an hour in and haven't finished it

ZandathePanda · 26/11/2022 18:31

My younger daughter has now told older daughter (who doesn’t live with us) ‘the plot’ she made up, so older daughter actually thinks this is really what she is watching with her flatmates later 😂.

OP posts:
terrywynne · 26/11/2022 18:35

I spent the whole film thinking this actress reminds me of Lindsay Lohan but not quite. I watch a lot of very twee Xmas movies with casts who all look perfect but are not anyway near her level of fame so assumed it was just a look alike. Was quite shocked that it was her.

I just want to know if the poacher does make it as an influencer...

ZandathePanda · 26/11/2022 19:15

Lohan’s forehead was very smooth and didn’t move so I think her facial expressions were difficult to read and sort of made her look different. I liked the nod to ‘A Castle for Christmas’, which was better quality Netflix cheese-fest and had dodgy Scottish accents and the American version of the U.K. which is also funny. My favourite of the genre is ‘Falling for Figaro’ which is actually quite passable.

OP posts:
LittIe · 26/11/2022 19:51

My favourite aspect was the timeline. They covered a lot in four days.

terrywynne · 27/11/2022 07:32

Timelines are always the most ridiculous part of Xmas movies! Not only do they fall in love within days but they are also able to throw a Xmas event of some kind with between 1 day and 1 weeks notice. These events are then incredibly well attended and usually laid on with substantial volunteer help. They never have issues sourcing suppliers at short notice and people are never busy with pre existing plans. Some movies it is even a proper corporate event they are planning not just local community pills together type event.

The filmmakers do realise it takes time and money to throw major events right??? And that no company plans their Xmas event with a week to go...

LetsGoFlyAKiteee · 27/11/2022 19:04

Wasn't as tacky as thought it was going to be! Thought be so bad it's good but actually was okay..obviously far fetched story line and predictable and blah but it was nice! Nice to see Lindsey back again even if she couldn't really do emotion with her new face

OneToThree · 16/12/2022 07:33

Perfect wrapping viewing. So bad it was good 😆

Blenheimprincess · 19/12/2022 12:38

It was such a steaming pile of shit wasn't it? I called it on the boyfriend being gay and on her falling for the poor bloke with the shit hotel - I said that as soon as he appeared.

and yes, 4 days! It all happened over 4 days where she went from being a spoiled princess daddy's girl to a really humble hard working perfect girlfriend. And it's always a widower. And the daughter just wouldn't have welcomed her with quite such open arms.

Terrible stuff!

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