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Favourite Animated Movie Song (vote!)

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ReeseWitherfork · 31/07/2022 12:54

This is quite a tricky decision for a slow Sunday afternoon.

OP posts:
AlpacaTheBags · 31/07/2022 13:02

What the hell is with that poll? Where's In The Dark of The Night? Hellfire? Be Prepared? Once Upon A December?

AlpacaTheBags · 31/07/2022 13:44

Also, thank you for linking to the poll.

3beesinmybonnet · 31/07/2022 13:51

Where's I Wanna Be Like You hoo hoo from the Jungle Book?

clpsmum · 31/07/2022 13:53

Voted but so many missing!

ReeseWitherfork · 31/07/2022 14:31

clpsmum · 31/07/2022 13:53

Voted but so many missing!

Who did you vote for?

Totally agree @AlpacaTheBags theres some obvious ones missing! Although I’ve never been much of a fan of Be Prepared.

OP posts:
VeganGordie · 03/08/2022 15:39

I love all the songs from encanto, we don't talk about Bruno

MarthaMayWhovier · 08/08/2022 20:27

Another one disappointed that "Be Prepared" isn't there.

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