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The Railway children returned.

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Toddlerteaplease · 19/07/2022 17:33

Could have been brilliant. But was 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. 21st century kids running around in very clean 1940's style clothes. No evidence of rationing. I winced every time and egg was broken, and during the food fight. Five years into the war they wouldn't have behaved like that! Scheme it's hit more if a follow on from
The original, and Jenny Agutter doesn't get a bigger role. Still it was worth it to sit in an air conditioned cinema!

OP posts:
maddiemookins16mum · 20/07/2022 07:42

I agree, very underwhelming, we also only went to keep cool. Wish we’d gone to see Thor now.

Toddlerteaplease · 20/07/2022 13:59

Yep, the air con and ice cream was amazing!

OP posts:
ackeeandpeas · 22/07/2022 13:37

I quite liked it but agree about the egg smashing and food fight. When they said 'the eggs are broken' and then cracked them into the earth I was horrified at the waste!

It was harmless fun. I am not sure I like films like this trying to hook into classics though- it would have made a good stand alone film. But that said, I would most likely never have gone to see it if it were not linked to TRC in some way which is a favourite of mine!

anna77uk · 22/07/2022 13:42

Not sure why they would try and revive a random old concept like this for modern audiences, things like that need a really good script or influential writer to make it appeal to modern day.

jay55 · 23/07/2022 19:17

The food waste bugged me too.
And whilst it was great to have mention of the battle of Bamber bridge on film, it was all done in such a worthy, modern eyed view.

Heroicallyl0st · 23/07/2022 19:27

That’s a shame to hear, I was looking forward to seeing it but might not bother.

I don’t think the original needed updated for a modern audience - my DS 9 watched the original a few months ago and was absolutely captivated, and normally he can’t stand old programmes!

SummerLobelia · 23/07/2022 19:40

I saw it today. I loved the original book and film.

It was on the better side of okay.

I am glad I saw it, but I am not sure I will bother to buy the dvd or watch it on tv.

Ricardothesnowman · 31/07/2022 14:16

Although it deals with similar themes to the original, it appeared to be more hard hitting and not so gentle.

I didn't feel it was a children's film.
I'm glad I watched it on my own, I was in tears from the first scene onwards.

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