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The Quiet Girl

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WarmWinterSun · 13/05/2022 12:33

Has anyone else watched the trailer for The Quiet Girl? I can’t watch it without crying. Stunning!

OP posts:
Nospringchickendipper · 20/05/2022 09:11

I watched this yesterday Beautiful film.

Mary46 · 09/06/2022 15:05

Saw it in Dublin. Its fab

CherylStreep · 19/08/2022 09:02

Just saw it yesterday. One of the best films I've seen in a long time.

3timeslucky · 26/08/2022 20:41

Loved it. I'd highly recommend reading Foster, the book it is an adaption of.

desperatehousewife2 · 23/09/2022 09:57

I watched this last night and was enthralled. As the daughter of a small farmer in Ireland in the 80s a lot of it seemed familiar to me but leaving that aside this film is so exquisitely done. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Fluffnotscruffy · 01/02/2023 21:15

Resurrecting this thread to add my applause for this beautiful movie.

it’s a gem.

Would love to see it win the Oscar for best an international movie.

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