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Anyone got any Film recs?

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lollipopsarentbreakfast · 17/04/2022 09:42

I haven't got many plans for Easter today, my dc's are with their Dad and his parents and I really want to do something that's not stuffing my face with chocolate. Does anyone have any good films to watch? Or even just any recommendations of new films they enjoyed lately that I can use to fill my day until six o'clock until I go to pick up my dc's

Thank you kind loves
Happy Easter and if you dont celebrate, Happy Sunday

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DarlingCoffee · 17/04/2022 17:36

The latest James Bond is on Amazon if that appeals! I mean I wouldn’t say no to Daniel Craig Wink Happy Easter!

lollipopsarentbreakfast · 17/04/2022 17:37

@DarlingCoffee Nor would I Wink thank you lovely I'll ask DP if he wants to have a look at it

OP posts:
MrsLargeEmbodied · 24/04/2022 07:53

just saw Baby Teeth
enjoyed it

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