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Wordle, Heardle - now Framed

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suckingonchillidogs · 17/04/2022 09:33

Anyone tried Framed (guess the film in 6 tries)? Got todays in 2!

OP posts:
Downtherefordancing · 18/04/2022 08:09

I’ve been doing Heardle and Framed for a few weeks now. I love them both. Much better than Wordle.

I got yesterday’s in two as well :)

If I can see it’s a horror film I know I won’t get it as I don’t watch horror. But mostly I’ve been doing well.

suckingonchillidogs · 18/04/2022 09:44

Didn't get today's until the very last clue - and I only watched it recently 🙄.

OP posts:
JanePrentiss · 18/04/2022 09:51

Just tried framed for the first time today.

Like it, along with Heardle and Wordle.

Not fussed about Nerdle, Quordle etc

squashyhat · 18/04/2022 10:17

Oh no another time waster! I don't think I will be as good at this as Wordle and Heardle but I'll give it a go Grin

PossumSholom · 20/04/2022 19:28

Never heard of it - is it worth a watch?

PossumSholom · 20/04/2022 19:29

I meant is today's film good - I am clearly crap at the game!

MrsLargeEmbodied · 24/04/2022 07:46

i got today's!

suckingonchillidogs · 24/04/2022 09:50

Well done Mrs. I'm having a bad run at the moment!

OP posts:
XenoBitch · 08/05/2022 23:35

Oh great, another game for my list!

Tezza1 · 08/05/2022 23:41

Oh thank you, I love movies. This is right up my alley. I got today's on the first guess. And I haven't seen the movie since it first came out. Smug, smug, smug.

However, I could spend four days trying to solve one example of Redactle, and still have to give in. I just can't get anywhere with it.

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