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Phantom of the Open

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sashagabadon · 19/03/2022 19:44

Saw this today, loved it! In fact I would say my favourite film of 2022 so far.
Engaging, charming and very funny. Genuinely laughed out loud a couple of ones and I’m more of a “smile to myself” sort especially in the cinema.
Soundtrack great too and all the period 70’s features. Unbelievable to me that maurice is not a more well known British treasure like say Eddie the eagle.
Better thanThe Duke imo if anyone saw that?
Very British film but I would highly recommend as an antidote to today’s news.

OP posts:
RampantIvy · 19/03/2022 19:56

I have seen the trailer for it and found it so funny. I will go and see it when it comes to our local independent cinema.

Ilovethecinema · 20/03/2022 21:13

Myself and my 12 year old went too watch it tonight. I enjoyed it, especially the 70’s music! I preferred it to the duke as well

Horsemad · 21/03/2022 06:53

Agree! Saw it last night, a feel good film. 🙂

Roselilly36 · 21/03/2022 07:37

I am really looking forward to see this film, sounds a fantastic story.

Sewaccidentprone · 21/03/2022 07:41

Thought it was brilliant. So funny. And a real life story too.

LizziesTwin · 21/03/2022 07:43

Went and saw it last week & really enjoyed it, all 4 of us did.

Go and watch it.

Mumsnut · 22/03/2022 11:56

Even better than The Duke. Mark Rylance is amazing

DentonsFringeArnottsWaistcoat · 22/03/2022 12:03

Will see this with DD, saw it advertised when we went to see The Duke. Love Mark Rylance anyway and this is written by Simon Farnaby, adapted from his own book, so its gentle sort of humour should be pretty excellent Smile

Mimijamroll · 26/03/2022 10:30

I also saw the trailer before watching The Duke, and it looked brilliant. Pleased to hear it was good.

LaurieFairyCake · 26/03/2022 10:36

I LOVED the Duke, really struggling to imagine it's better than that

Can't wait to see it

OldTinHat · 26/03/2022 10:48

Have seen both and loved both!

jay55 · 26/03/2022 11:43

Really enjoyed it too.
So silly and fun.

rookiemere · 26/03/2022 18:11

I saw it last night and both my friend and I loved it.

I agree, in many ways it wasn't dissimilar to The Duke, but the big difference to me was that the Mark Rylance character had such a core of humanity and family values that made it truly touching.

The disco dancing twins were excellent also.

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