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20th Century Women

5 replies

purpleme12 · 25/02/2022 00:37

Did anyone watch this?

Really enjoyed it

OP posts:
suean · 25/02/2022 00:43

Haven’t heard of it before? What’s is it about and when could I watch this too?

purpleme12 · 25/02/2022 00:55

It's here on iplayer

But it's only on there for 18 more days

OP posts:
suean · 25/02/2022 01:13

I’ll have to watch it looks good !

balalake · 26/02/2022 07:26

I saw it when it came out, enjoyed it, and thought Annette Bening's performance in particular was very good.

Brac · 26/02/2022 07:41

I saw it a while ago and was disappointed. For a film ostensibly about women I thought it was entirely focused on the boy’s perspective, with a fair bit of wish fulfilment from the writer/director.

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