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Cineworld £3 a ticket deal on Sat. 25th Feb

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poppy1973 · 23/02/2022 16:57

I tried to book tickets to a film that the children wanted to see on Saturday but couldn't get us all in. When I booked last week to go to the cinema, we didn't see this offer on. All tickets are £3 on the Sat. 25th Feb if you aren't wanting too many tickets, you might be in luck. Thought I would let other Mumsnet know, as they might have better luck than me.

OP posts:
Easterbunnyiswindowshopping · 23/02/2022 17:12

Saturday is the 26 th!!

CurryLover56 · 23/02/2022 17:18

I don’t think we have a Cineworld near us sadly.

poppy1973 · 26/02/2022 13:56

Sorry, should have been 26th !!

OP posts:
SummerHouse · 26/02/2022 13:59

Thanks op. We went recently (full price) to see unchartered. It was brilliant. 12a so not for young kids but our 10 and 12 yr old loved it and so did I!

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