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Family movies for 14 year-old, 11-year-old, 8-year-old

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ali23 · 04/02/2022 17:03

Looking for recommendations for a funny family movie that does the impossible and pleases everyone!

Kids have liked The Princess Bride, ET, the Goonies, Daddy's Home 1+2 (2 a favourite!), Snow Day, Mean Girls, Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Horrible Bad Day and Yes Day.

Keen to hear any more. Thanks!

OP posts:
ali23 · 04/02/2022 17:16

Also, should add, Wimpy Kid movies all a success as are the Disney ones and Harry Potter, Jumanji and Back to the Future,

OP posts:
CatSpeakForDummies · 04/02/2022 17:26

Who killed Roger Rabbit, Beethoven, Hook?

MrsTerryPratchett · 04/02/2022 17:31

Pitch Perfect if you don't mind the swearing and sex references (which went over DD's head at 8).

MrsTerryPratchett · 04/02/2022 17:31

And anything Studio Ghibli.

parietal · 04/02/2022 17:36

crouching tiger hidden dragon

oddball & the penguins

billy elliot

cool runnings (fits with winter olympics)

jurassic park etc

all the Star Wars movies

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 04/02/2022 17:38

The newer Jumanjis are excellent.
Love and other Monsters
Inside Out
Mrs Doubtfire

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 04/02/2022 17:38

Free Guy is also a big hit in this house.

user1477249785 · 04/02/2022 17:41

The parent trap and sing

FunkyPhantom · 04/02/2022 17:49

School of Rock
The Karate Kid
Incredible Journey

ADHDkillingme · 04/02/2022 17:50

Cheaper by the dozen

Bigbus · 04/02/2022 17:53

The Truman Show - youngest was able to follow it at about 8/9

Daddy Daycare

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Home Alone

Inside Out

I’ll be following this - I have similar ages!

MajorCarolDanvers · 04/02/2022 17:53

All the Marvel movies
Indiana Jones films
Star Wars
Back to the Future
Monsters Inc

Hellocatshome · 04/02/2022 17:54

Cool Runnings
The Great Outdoors
Home Alone 1 and 2
Richie Rich
Brusters Millions

Hellocatshome · 04/02/2022 17:56

The Three Amigos
Rat Race

ali23 · 04/02/2022 18:01

Thanks for all the suggestions!

OP posts:
SallyMcNally · 04/02/2022 19:19

Ron goes wrong was very good

MiddleClassProblem · 04/02/2022 19:21

Freaky Friday

SpringHasSprungYay · 13/04/2022 18:54

Ghostbusters (the new one)
The sandlot
Pitch perfect
The adam project
All the jumanjis

Lucium · 13/04/2022 19:14



Garfield (1,2)

The prince of Egypt

KuHello · 30/12/2022 22:04

The Enola Holmes movies

Niftythrifter · 01/01/2023 20:51

13 going on 30?

Freaky Friday?

ICanDoIt23 · 01/01/2023 20:53

Bill, by the Horrible Histories/Ghosts lot. Should be on iPlayer.

Niftythrifter · 05/01/2023 09:37

One of my favourites. Young Sherlock Holmes!

Ihaveawonderfulpartner · 05/01/2023 14:54

Brilliant Disney film called Holes. It's got a load of big stars in it (sigourney weaver, a young Shia labeouf). Has entertained my family for years. Recommend it all the time ☺️

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