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Movies for 12 & 9 year old

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HikingInGreenLand · 06/01/2022 10:25

We have recently enjoyed family movie nights and loved watching Hidden Figures, lots of classic Christmas movies, Fantastic beasts, Jungle Book etc. Dds also loved Malory towers and the Worst Witch series.

Next we'd like to try Enola Holmes and maybe the Star Wars and Avenger movies but I wouldn't know where to start with these and not sure they'd appeal to my 9 year old dd.

What's the Narnia movie like? Is it quite scary? What else is good and interesting to watch?

OP posts:
JoMumsnet · 06/01/2022 14:01

We're just bumping this thread for the OP in case anyone's around with some ideas. Smile

LowlyTheWorm · 06/01/2022 14:07

I’d say the avengers might be too detailed for your 9 year old unless she’s shown some interest in superheroes.
Classic Disney films are great for all ages. The Narnia films were okay… recent Disney ones like Encanto and Luca? Or the spiderman series?

Locomelon · 06/01/2022 14:09

We all loved Encanto. We also watched the new Ghostbusters recently which we all enjoyed.
Avengers a bit too much for a 9yr old I think.

BlueChampagne · 06/01/2022 14:12

Avatar, The Last Airbender series was very popular when mine were about that age. DS2 (12) still watches episodes. They would recommend the animated version.

Cardboardboxingring · 06/01/2022 14:23

Aardman films are always good, and some Wes Anderson films should be suitable for that age. If you enjoyed Hidden Figures, have you watched The Help?

girlmom21 · 06/01/2022 14:25

Have you seen Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Cardboardboxingring · 06/01/2022 14:25

Oh, and of course Studio Ghibli! If they liked the Worst Witch they might also enjoy Howl's Moving Castle or Tales from Earthsea.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 06/01/2022 14:27

The newer Jumanji are excellent. Also the Night at the Museum movies. Love and Monsters also good fir that age group.

Iron Man (the first one) is a good intro to the Avengers universe.

FoggySpecs · 06/01/2022 14:28

Enola Holmes was a real hit here with an eight and nine year old.

FoggySpecs · 06/01/2022 14:29

They are also enjoying the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

Indiaplain · 21/01/2022 15:58

Just bumping in case anyone has any other suggestions for Friday movie night? 2 boys age 8 & 10 but enjoy marvel/godzilla type films...

We watched Ghostbusters afterlife last week which I would 100% recommend. Also agree that Love & Monsters is a perfect family film option.

languagelover96 · 22/01/2022 14:25

Disney movies.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo · 22/01/2022 15:21

Swallows & Amazons
Wonder (though I haven't seen, but I know DS enjoyed a couple of years ago)
The Dig
Back to the future (the first one)
The first of the Tom Holland Spider-Man films (not too involved in the wider avengers plot)
Swallows & Amazons
Beauty & the beast live action film
Peter Rabbit

The avengers series - I would look up the release order and if/when happy to watch them, watch them in that order. Maybe watch some to see whether you think they are suitable? I think it very much depends on the child.

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