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The Guilty

11 replies

MrsLargeEmbodied · 03/10/2021 07:17

anyone else see this?

OP posts:
Genehuntsfanclub · 03/10/2021 11:10

Yes, watched it yesterday and was slightly shocked by the twist. I found I needed total quiet to watch it though as some of it was hard to hear. Good though.

countdowntonap · 03/10/2021 21:12

Just watched. Great acting!

Nospringchickendipper · 04/10/2021 11:59

Yes watched it last night. A few good twist and turns along the way.

MattDamon · 04/10/2021 12:03

Definitely carried by Jake Gyllenhaal. Worth a watch.

Ohmygodareyouserious · 04/10/2021 19:08

Just watched it, two hours of my life I won't get back. Absolute bobbins.

JamieFrasersBigSwingingKilt · 05/10/2021 23:04


Just watched it, two hours of my life I won't get back. Absolute bobbins.

Hope it's a consolation that it was only 90 minutes! Wink

I watched it on a rainy weekend afternoon and it filled the time nicely but it was very cliched.
Leaveitonthefloordrobe · 09/10/2021 18:46

I started this the other night but it didn't grip me so I turned off. Are the twists worth it?

FitAt50 · 09/10/2021 22:29

I hated HATED it. His character was typical angry idiot cop. The characters on the phone were also all annoying. The 'Twist' was just rubbish - really truly awful film.

AnotherEmma · 09/10/2021 22:32

Yes I thought it was good and well acted.
Quite predictable though!

ISpyCobraKai · 09/10/2021 22:36

I enjoyed it in a "mindless, not thinking much", kinda way, when having a couch day.
I wouldn't particularly recommend it though.

itssarcasmjoan · 09/10/2021 22:47

Terrible movie.
Very unbelievable behaviour of an emergency operator call centre.
Supervisors would be able to listen in on calls, give support, get help etc.
Really annoying.

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