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Is Golden Compass too scary for just 5 yr old?

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Lasvegas · 06/12/2007 11:58

Obviously she won't follow the story, but she wants to come with me as I am so excited about the movie (loved the books). I don't want her to have bad dreams though, is it very bloody?

OP posts:
Enid · 06/12/2007 11:59

dont bother

apparently it is a travesty of the books

(and also its a 12a so I wouldnt take my 5 year old)

MyEye · 06/12/2007 12:00

Yes, very. I've seen it, very graphic polar bear fight but a lot of it is quite disturbing.

Marina · 06/12/2007 12:00

Agree with enid, not suitable for a five year old.

lionheart · 06/12/2007 12:02

Damn, it will have to be the blasted rats instead.

Sparkletastic · 06/12/2007 12:03

Just listening to Jo Whiley on Radio 1 who took her 3 kids - youngest 7 or something and oldest 15 I think though. She said kids were totally bored and the film was nothing like the book and she left feeling very discontented. Good effects but not much better to say than that. I might go as I didn't get on with the books so won't be disappointed but think DD1 (4 1/2 yrs) too young for it. There's some new Dreamworks one about a bee coming out that she'd like...

Enid · 06/12/2007 12:05

the rats are great

Enchanted the subject of much anticipation chez Enid

Lasvegas · 06/12/2007 12:07

Thanks. The last thing I want to do is encourage bad dreams.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 06/12/2007 12:09

DD saw ad for Enchanted. Having seen them myself I am not overly impressed, don't think I;ll bother taking DD to the cinema for it anyway, can wait till on Sky.

Golden Compass looks too old for a 5yo.

HumpFreeConception · 06/12/2007 12:11

We enjoyed 'The Golden Compass', but I wouldn't take a 5-year old.

Clayhead · 06/12/2007 16:25

Enchanted is fantastic.

utterlyconfused · 08/12/2007 14:33

It's a PG. What age would be ok then?

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 08/12/2007 19:38

I loved the film (I think I slotted in the book knowledge so made it a better film in my head if that makes sense), but I don't think my DD would (4 1/2) - she wouldn't get most of it, and would probably be scared by the bears.

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