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different kid's films (i.e. not disney crap)

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OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:37

I need suggestions for something for DS to watch today while I do the ironing, he's more of an animation boy that a film boy really.

His favourite films have been:

Howl's moving castle
My neighbor Totoro
Finding Nemo
The return of the cats (see a theme here with the anime?)

What else is there that I can introduce him to?

Was thinking of the nightmare before christmas?
Looked for James and the Giant Peach but couldn't find it

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Misdee · 01/12/2007 14:39

how old is he?

would new charlie and the choc factory be ok?

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:41

He's nearly five.

Oooh yes, forgot about the new charlie and the choc factory, thanks misdee

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AnnabelCaramel · 01/12/2007 14:42

The Wrong Trousers?

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:43

Is it called charlie and the chocolate factory? Just did a search and couldn't find it...

OP posts:
Misdee · 01/12/2007 14:44

its willy wonka not chralie

totaleclipse · 01/12/2007 14:45

Have no idea whats Disney, and whats not.

Ice age
the land before time
toy story
Malagasca (sp)

totaleclipse · 01/12/2007 14:52

When I was younger I loved, Dot and the kangaroo.

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:53

will try the wrong trousers too.

Thanks totaleclipse, he's seen all of those apart from land before time, will search for that too.

Thanks for good suggestions, will make a list for future weekends too!

OP posts:
OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:55

will look for dot and the kangaroo too then!

Did I mention I have to enjoy these films too, as will be in the same room as him

OP posts:
OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 14:56

can't find wrong trousers or land before time

Bloody internet

OP posts:
totaleclipse · 01/12/2007 14:57

All dogs go to heaven

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 15:00

just wiki'd all dogs go to heaven, definately a possibility!

OP posts:
totaleclipse · 01/12/2007 15:00

the land before time there are about 12 films, have seen most of them, they are great

southeastastra · 01/12/2007 15:02

nightmare before christmas is fab, love the easter bunny

OverMyDeadStuffedTurkey · 01/12/2007 15:04

right, am downloading nightmare beofre christmas now, poping out to shops while it downloads, then coming home to watch it and do ironing!

Keep the great suggestions coming!

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