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No sex please, films with family

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Schummakker · 13/12/2020 15:11

I’m currently compiling a list of films for Christmas with family. All adults but looking for some with no sex scenes!

OP posts:
VienneseWhirligig · 13/12/2020 15:14

Christmas Chronicles

Schummakker · 13/12/2020 15:16

Thanks @VienneseWhirligig will try those!

OP posts:
yearinyearout · 13/12/2020 15:29

Home alone

PassataQueenofBritain · 13/12/2020 19:14

It's a Wonderful Life
Muppets Christmas Carol

AllDoneIn · 13/12/2020 19:21

We watched Christmas chronicles 2 today and it's great, at least as good as the first one.

AllDoneIn · 13/12/2020 19:22

And of course Elf. Has so many great one liners.

RunningFromInsanity · 13/12/2020 19:23

Do they have to be Christmas films?

Enola Holmes is a nice easy watch.
The new Jumanji films (1 and 2)

DioneTheDiabolist · 13/12/2020 19:26

The Princess Bride if you need a break from all the Christmassy ones.

Schummakker · 14/12/2020 13:48

Thanks all for your suggestions, I’ll get round to scheduling them tonight.

Don’t have to be xmas movies at all tho and there won’t be any young children.

OP posts:
Dreamingofsunnydays · 15/12/2020 18:42

The Big Short is really good - comedy-drama about USA housing crash
Dark Waters - think Erin Brockovic but with the flipping fantastic Mark Ruffalo

Romemarie · 22/12/2020 09:04

Nightmare before Christmas! Nativity/Nativity2 and Nativity dude where’s my donkey.

DfEisashambles · 26/12/2020 14:52

Thanks all x

okcha · 27/12/2020 12:37

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