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Best biopic

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blunderbird · 04/09/2020 18:32

I really enjoy biopics or films based on real life. I loved RBG and Hidden Figures, The BlindSide and some of the climbing ones like free solo. What else would I like?

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yoikes · 04/09/2020 18:34

Walk the line
I saw the light

blunderbird · 04/09/2020 20:23

Thanks @yoikes . I have seen walk the line but not the others. I'll look them up. I missed Judy in the cinemas but it looked really good

OP posts:
nosswith · 05/09/2020 18:46

A Man for All Seasons.

Sitdowncupoftea · 06/09/2020 00:29

Walk the line
I Tina
Everest - not a biopic but based on a true story.

Star555 · 08/09/2020 21:02

Shakuntala Devi (recently released free on Amazon Prime) was quite good. Although it took a lot of liberties with her true life story, it conveyed her struggles well against sexism, racism etc.

Judashascomeintosomemoney · 08/09/2020 21:04

Green Book

Judashascomeintosomemoney · 08/09/2020 21:05

Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman obviously Grin

Star555 · 08/09/2020 21:07

I should have given a description above--Shakuntala Devi was a world record holder mental maths whiz known as "The Human Calculator".

From Wikipedia:
On 18 June 1980, she demonstrated the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers — 7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779. These numbers were picked at random by the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. She correctly answered 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in 28 seconds, which was the time taken by her to speak the answer.This event was recorded in the 1982 Guinness Book of Records.

Judashascomeintosomemoney · 08/09/2020 21:19

Kind of a biopic, based on real people and events, and one of the best films I’ve seen -
City of God

AiryFairy1991 · 08/09/2020 22:08

A beautiful mind

Scautish · 08/09/2020 22:12


City of God - That is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Totally horrifying yet utterly captivating

Star555 · 08/09/2020 23:53

The Man who Knew Infinity

ThisIsNotARealAvo · 09/09/2020 04:37

The Imitation Game
I Tonya
Behind the Candelabra

BikeRunSki · 09/09/2020 05:48

The Theory of Everything (Stephen Hawking)
Breathe (really interesting story about a man with polio who invented a mobile respirator)
The Flying Scotsman (about Scottish cyclist Graham Obree who built his own bike to try and beat the hour record)
Eddie the Eagle

BikeRunSki · 09/09/2020 05:57

Touching the Void

blunderbird · 09/09/2020 19:43

I can't wait to start watching some of these . Thank you

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