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Chadwick Boseman

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GalaxyCookieCrumble · 29/08/2020 04:30

Just heard the absolutely heartbreaking news that Chadwick Boseman Aka Black Panther, has sadly passed away aged 43 to Colon Cancer.

He was diagnosed in 2016 and still managed to film several films including Black Panther and Avengers End Game, in between surgery and Chemotherapy. He never told anyone how poorly he was and put his weight loss down to a new film. So this such a shock.


OP posts:
MrsTerryPratchett · 29/08/2020 04:32

It's so sad. I can't believe he was that ill and carried on filming those incredibly physical roles. So young Sad

NancyNoNickers · 29/08/2020 04:33

Just seen this😢really awful.RIP Chadwick

GalaxyCookieCrumble · 29/08/2020 04:39

@MrsTerryPratchett @NancyNoNickers I know 😢😢😢
Not many celebrity deaths upset me, but Caroline Flacks did, and Chadwicks certainly has. My 19 year old cane in and told me as our whole house in Marvel mad. Can't believe how poorly he was yet still filmed. What a noble brave man.

Wakanda Forever

OP posts:
FOKKYFC · 29/08/2020 05:12

Absolutely dreadful. A charming, unassuming man I've always thought. Really sad this morning.

KIatschundTratsch · 29/08/2020 05:13

Genuinely choked up. The sheer strength of being able to complete the body of work he did in the last four years in between chemo is remarkable.

KIatschundTratsch · 29/08/2020 05:18

With Graham Norton last November. I saw it at the time and thought Chadwick was a lovely guest.
exLtEveDallas · 29/08/2020 06:44

Another one gutted this morning. He was such a brilliant actor and genuine, compassionate, human being. Black Panther was one of my favourite MCU movies and it made me look up the other films he’d done. I can’t believe he is gone at such a young age.

This clip reduced me to tears, even more so now, knowing that he was fighting his own diagnosis. What a man.

FallenSky · 29/08/2020 06:45

I'm so shocked and saddened. The strength he must have had and the pain he must have endured over these last 4 years is astounding.

user1019273703 · 29/08/2020 06:58

I am really shocked and saddened. I am a massive marvel fan and is just brilliant in the films

BrowncoatWaffles · 29/08/2020 07:00

Had a little cry this morning when I read this too. He’s inspired so many people and literally changed the world, all between chemo and surgeries. It just defies belief. Such a loss and so very sad for his wife and wider family.

ILoveYou3000 · 29/08/2020 07:29

My daughter just told me as I woke up. She's gutted, he was one of her favourites.

We've both just had a little cry and a cuddle. What a wonderful, brave man he was. The fact he filmed such physically challenging movies during that time (fight scenes in Black Panther) when he must have been feeling so crap and yet he never told anyone. A real loss to the movie world and especially the MCU.

He always came across so humble in interviews and such a sweet, decent man. He will be sadly missed.

Wakanda Forever 💔

longtompot · 29/08/2020 09:40

Such sad news. Far too young. He played the king of Wakanda so well. RIP

Spudlet · 29/08/2020 09:41

I was so shocked to see this today. So young. Poor man, and his poor family too.

pinkgin85 · 29/08/2020 09:56

Heartbreaking, such a great loss SadThanks

alwayslearning789 · 29/08/2020 11:22

Very sad news indeed. RIP

DopamineHits · 29/08/2020 12:25

I liked Chadman a lot as an actor. I knew he was a private individual but I'd never have guessed how much he was keeping secret. This is terribly sad news. And I'm really quite surprised that he was able to work for four years with the diagnosis - and action films too. His stunts and fight scenes in all three (four?) Marvel films were very impressive. He has left a wonderful legacy.

makingbacon · 29/08/2020 12:44

Completely shocked and saddened. So young Thanks

LetsGoFlyAKiteee · 29/08/2020 14:50

So so so heartbreaking. Glad he got the privacy he wanted over all these years though. Amazing to think he made those films despite being ill..and inspired so many people!

Captainsaltpants · 29/08/2020 18:29

My daughter just told me this literally 2 minutes ago. I'm so shocked and so very sad just because I had seen him in a show with Kevin Hart where they were talking about doing something together. He's such a gentle soul and it's shocking he had cancer all these years.

Captainsaltpants · 29/08/2020 18:30

Wakanda Forever, Chadwick! Wakanda Forever!Flowers💔

Captainsaltpants · 29/08/2020 18:37

Don't think I've ever felt this sad about a famous person's death. Don't know why his has hit me so hard. I just screamed and wrote "Nooooooooooooooo" in reply to my daughter's message. Wish he would just come back!

What a sad day for his family and friends. Can't even imagine.

Ronia · 29/08/2020 18:44

I'm really sad too. I think the fact that he was so young (my age - but young to die from cancer) and he had worked throughout and the public had no idea has. Are it so shocking and sad. Amazing that he managed to keep it private and out of public domain too.

Greyblueeyes · 29/08/2020 19:23

He also visited sick kids in hospitals while being sick himself. Just heartbreaking. It sounds like he was a class act.

Captainsaltpants · 29/08/2020 19:41

Yes, there's an image of him crying after interacting with 2 kids with cancer.

Just seen photos of him in the final times. People were speculating on his weight loss.

FOKKYFC · 29/08/2020 20:52

There's been lots of speculation but, given that Hollywood is a cesspool, I think it's testament to how well-liked he was, that the whole truth was never leaked.

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