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Anyone know how long Frozen 2 will be at the cinema for?

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Mortigua · 03/01/2020 15:31

Just as the thread title , I’ve not managed to get to it yet! Does anyone know if it will still be on next weekend ? I can’t book ahead at the cinema that far and I’m wondering if that’s because it will have stopped!

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Mortigua · 03/01/2020 15:31

Meant to say I have googled and can’t find anything other than generic stuff

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WendyMoiraAngelaDarling · 03/01/2020 15:33

Depends when you are in the country but o reckon another four weeks approx and then will probably get a showing on mini mornings at Vue then off after that.

Rollonspringtime2020 · 03/01/2020 15:33

Guess you will just have to let go of the idea op..
It was rubbish anyway!!

CatToddlerUprising · 03/01/2020 15:37

It’s rumoured to be released on DVD in about mid February, so maybe a few more weeks in the cinema?

Mortigua · 03/01/2020 15:40

Thanks all I hope it’s a bit longer but 4 weeks would mean must be soon! Can travel a bit to it if needs be but not silly distance! We do have a Vue nearby so mini mornings would be fine!
Rollonspringtime 😁

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Mortigua · 03/01/2020 15:42

I misread - another 4 weeks would be fine ! Fingers crossed as I don’t think we can get to the cinema till next Friday and so far can only book till Thursday ! Might just be the way the bookings are though

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CatToddlerUprising · 03/01/2020 15:43

I think most cinemas book Thursday to Wednesday. Probably to allow for new releases on a Friday/weekend

zurala · 03/01/2020 15:51

It's finished at my local cinema now, last showing was yesterday. I'd go see it soon.

Mortigua · 03/01/2020 16:10

Thank you I will definitely book in as soon as we can get to it I think that may just be Friday though- oh dear!

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