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28 Weeks Later - anyone seen it?

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theUrbanDryad · 21/08/2007 20:29

i don't think it's as good as the first one, but it is a lot nastier, a lot more brutal and a lot more jumpy.

anyone else?

OP posts:
UCM · 26/08/2007 22:41

I was given it yesterday but it doesn't work on my gear.

I loved the first one. Just finished watching Eragon, s'why I am in movies

theUrbanDryad · 27/08/2007 19:14

i'm curious to know what you think - so far i'm the only one out of your group of friends who liked the first one better!

OP posts:
theUrbanDryad · 27/08/2007 19:15

out of our group of friends

i don't know any of your friends, i don't think!!

OP posts:
UCM · 27/08/2007 20:28

Well we did have babies in Jan UD

americantrish · 30/09/2007 22:11

i saw it. didn't like it

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