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Favourite Disney Film

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NotHereToMakeFriends · 30/08/2019 16:51

What is your all-time favourite Disney film?

Mine is Lion King, every since I saw it when I was little, it's always been my favourite and I was really mad when they said they were making a live-action film.

Seen it, didn't like it.

OP posts:
Tractorgirlz · 30/08/2019 16:53

It’s hard to choose but my top favourites are Mulan, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Frozen. I love so many of them though! I watch them all the time Grin

AnnoyedByAlfieBear · 30/08/2019 16:53

I absolutely love Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

bakedbeanzontoast · 30/08/2019 22:56

Original and best, none of this live action stuff;

Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Little Mermaid
Lady and the Tramp

INeedAFlerken · 30/08/2019 23:02

The Journey of Natty Gann

Jesaminecollins · 30/08/2019 23:05

It has to be Alladdin

hazandduck · 30/08/2019 23:10

My heart belongs to The Little Mermaid. It is probably my favourite film full-stop.

But I love so many for different reasons. Each era brings such a variety of talented artists and work to life (not just the animation, but the music and the acting too!). You can tell just by looking what decade the film was made.

Technically speaking I would say Beauty and The Beast (1991) is the absolute pinnacle of Disney animation, the artwork, colours, acting, music and pacing of the story are just so perfectly in balance. And the extra touch of Howard Ashman’s death just makes it such a poignant film.

I know it gets slated by some but I bloody love Disney.

MeganChips · 30/08/2019 23:12

George of the Jungle!

And Lilo and Stitch because of lots of memories.

JohnLapsleyParlabane · 30/08/2019 23:14

Robin Hood.

PrincessScarlett · 30/08/2019 23:15

Mulan by a country mile. Has me sobbing every time.

Blueuggboots · 30/08/2019 23:16

Aladdin, but only the original. Not the live version which I flatly refuse to watch because you can't improve on perfection.

NCB2019 · 30/08/2019 23:35

The Watcher in the Woods. It scared me so much as a child I think it's what started my love of scary films.

Jsmith99 · 30/08/2019 23:40

Jungle book. I grew up with Baloo, Bagherra, King Louie, Shere Khan and irritating little Mowgli.

Jesaminecollins · 30/08/2019 23:42

Yeah Jungle Book

GlitchStitch · 30/08/2019 23:44

Tangled and Finding Nemo.

Also love Mulan, Moana and The Lion King (not the new version though) especially for their soundtracks.

Moonshake · 30/08/2019 23:45

Mary Poppins (the first one obvs)

CatToddlerUprising · 30/08/2019 23:45

Mulan and Aladdin

xSharonNeedlesx · 30/08/2019 23:48

Beauty and the Beast

EmmiJay · 31/08/2019 00:51

Its a toss up between Toy Story and The Aristocats! Love a Disney film

Mookie81 · 31/08/2019 00:54

Lion King
The Little Mermaid

Time40 · 31/08/2019 01:11

Toy Story and Finding Nemo are Pixar films, not Disney.

I haven't seen all that many Disney films, but (so far) my favourite is Fantasia.

RozHuntleysIncineratedHand · 31/08/2019 01:16

The Hunchback of Notre Dame. So so underrated as a Disney film imo.

ParadiseLaundry · 31/08/2019 01:22

I really love The Princess and The Frog. Massively underrated imo. Absolutely amazing soundtrack.

And Frozen, but seems a bit too obvious.

EmmiJay · 31/08/2019 01:30

@Time40 Disney bought Pixar years ago I do believe. But either way Pixar produced Toy Story and Disney released it.

tryingtobebetterallthetime · 31/08/2019 01:37

I still like Fantasia. So colourful.

Did you know Mickey Mouse was originally called Mortimer Mouse? Trivia/quiz question my team missed last week.

FixItUpChappie · 31/08/2019 02:08

Animated: Moana - completely won me over - beautiful!

Old School Animated: Robin Hood

Non-Animated: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Non-Animated Runner Up: Mary Poppins

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