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Lollipopslife17 · 25/05/2019 16:20

I am at home extremely bored & not happy. Can anyone recommend something to watch on Netflix. I don't like sci-fi.

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blackcat86 · 25/05/2019 16:21

Dead to me. Amazing new series. Very easy to binge watch.

Lollipopslife17 · 25/05/2019 16:25

Thanks putting it on now

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TheGirlOnTheLanding · 25/05/2019 16:32

If you haven't already seen it - Russian Doll. Best thing I've seen in a long while.

Also liked The Umbrella Academy, Maniac and Better Call Saul.

Simonfromharlow · 25/05/2019 16:53

Good girls is great and I also likes jailbirds

Wouldyouorshouldyou · 25/05/2019 16:56

Ozark, Dead to Me, You,

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