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Rocky movies

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Lollipopslife17 · 03/04/2019 20:14

Someone pls help, I am addicted to the rocky films especially Creed 1&2. I find myself watching it every time. People think is weird to watch a film over and over again and I am beginning to think it is weird too & wondering what type of psychological disorder I have lol. I think it's the love story btw Adonis Creed & Bianca Taylor that got me glued as is bringing back memories of my first love, what I have missed out on being with someone who does not love me wholeheartedly (I think).

OP posts:
Vitalogy · 04/04/2019 20:32

I'm not sure what it is. Not a film but I watch The Big Bang Theory comedy show too much Smile

Have you watched the first Rocky film? That was the only one I really liked. I thought the romance was cute in it.

Vitalogy · 04/04/2019 20:34

btw, I've only seen a bit of one of the Creed films so I can't make a proper judgement on it.

Lollipopslife17 · 05/04/2019 23:03

I love all the rocky movies apart rocky 5 which I think wasn’t very good.

OP posts:
Vitalogy · 06/04/2019 00:38

Yeah, I think it was enough already by 5. Wonder if they're doing a Creed 3.

movinonup · 06/04/2019 00:50

I pretend 5 doesn't exist.

Vitalogy · 06/04/2019 01:20

Probably for the best Grin

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