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Bumblebee oh dear

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SouthWestmom · 02/01/2019 23:30

OMG what a pile of boring rubbish.
Who knew you could get tired of robots turning into cars and back again and fighting?
Maudlin, predictable, boring.

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Cerseilannisterinthesnow · 04/01/2019 08:16

Oh no! We took 5 year old DS to see it as he is transformers daft and we loved it! I hated the other transformers films but this felt more akin to the cartoons, I’m looking forward to getting the dvd!

Fairylea · 04/01/2019 08:19

My whole family absolutely loved it!

It’s pretty much a remake of Et with a robot and a teenage girl rather than a young boy but it’s a sweet film.

Went with dh, ds aged 6 and dd aged 16 and everyone really enjoyed it.

implantsandaDyson · 04/01/2019 09:43

My kids went last night with my aunt. So a 13, 11 and 59 year old - they all loved it.

SouthWestmom · 04/01/2019 14:42

How funny! Maybe a 45 and 21 year old are not the target market

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