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Anyone else uncomfortable about things like King of Thieves?

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SouthWestmom · 15/09/2018 17:22

Saw the trailer with dh and I just thought, I bet they weren't loveable old rogues / old style comedy gangsters.

It just made me a bit 🤔 about the portrayal

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BitOutOfPractice · 15/09/2018 17:25

I haven’t seen it but reading and listening to reviews I don’t think that’s how they are portrayed in the full film and the audience very much roots for the police

SouthWestmom · 15/09/2018 17:36

Oh that's interesting. The trailer was very 'loveable rogue', lets laugh at their antics

OP posts:
Vitalogy · 15/09/2018 17:44

They all got caught though didn't they?

BitOutOfPractice · 15/09/2018 17:57

Apparently it takes quite a dark turn...

MsHomeSlice · 15/09/2018 18:05

I thought it was a bit soon tbh, is it not just two years since the court cases??

Dh is keen to go see it though, and other than it being recent, I cannot see why not to go.

SouthWestmom · 15/09/2018 18:07

I think it's the way the trailer portrays it as a bit of a laugh and they're doddery old try hards.

OP posts:
Vitalogy · 15/09/2018 18:13

Yeah, the trailer is quite comical. Like the Italian Job, The Great Train Robbery, Ladykillers films.

Prometheus · 15/09/2018 18:26

I feel uncomfortable with it. They were established criminals who stole people's personal possessions - some with sentimental value that have not been recovered. Do you think a film would be made if the criminal gang were black lads in their 20s????

SouthWestmom · 15/09/2018 18:52
OP posts:
FrustratedTeddyLamp · 16/09/2018 01:26

I saw an advanced preview on the 4th and made a thread in this topic. Its not really lighthearted i thougjt it was like the last vegas and i think its called going in style. Its a 15 but has a lot of hard swearing, some homophobia and is quite aggressive in talking. I think its an alright film but definitely not as shown in tbe trailer imo

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