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The Alpha

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LaGattaNera · 29/08/2018 16:42

Has anyone seen this and would you recommend? Am a massive dog & animal person and thinking of going - hope it won't make me cry am very teary if animals die.
It has great reviews.

OP posts:
IrianOfW · 03/09/2018 16:15

It was lovely. Yes, quite a bit of animal death - and some human death too but I guess that is to be expected when one of the main things they did was hunt! I hid my eyes at times because I am a bit pathetic Grin However it was really enjoyable although I suspect it might not be a totally accurate portrayal of Ice Age humanity or wolf behaviour Hmm.

Visually beautiful film . Oh and I did get very teary because I am also a bit soppy about animals and there was a happy ending.

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