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Swimming with men

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FrustratedTeddyLamp · 21/08/2018 13:36

Just saw this at the cinema on a silver screen showing. Thought it was quite funny. Loved the little backgrounds bringing them together

OP posts:
InfiniteVariety · 25/08/2018 15:00

I found it mildy amusing - a review I read said "The Full Monty with nose-plugs" seemed to be the vibe they were going for!

cariadlet · 26/08/2018 19:55

dp and I really fancied this, but neither of our local cinemas were showing it. Guess I'll have to wait for it to come on TV/streaming. Sad

Dowser · 02/09/2018 13:39

Missed it at picturehouse in york
Love these odd quirky films

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