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The Meg - cheese anyone?

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SouthWestmom · 18/08/2018 21:20

So bad it's funny. Every line a cliche. Boys loved it. Dd (19) and I howled silently throughout most of it.

OP posts:
luckycat007 · 19/08/2018 02:26

I loved it lol

SouthWestmom · 19/08/2018 10:08

We loved it too - every line a winner and the plot was hilarious.

OP posts:
maxiflump1 · 19/08/2018 17:02

It was awesome! Everything a cheesy action movie should be. Loved deep blue sea back in the 90's and this was every bit as good!

luckycat007 · 19/08/2018 17:32

I have a bit of a thing for Jason statham too lol 😂

Dee03 · 19/08/2018 22:25

Saw this today and loved it...can't resist a bit of Jason

ThanosSavedMe · 19/08/2018 22:28

Saw it today, wasn’t expecting much to be honest but really enjoyed it. Yes it’s cheesy and the plot is ridiculous but I still loved it.

Though it fab when he was singing ‘just keep swimming...’

SouthWestmom · 19/08/2018 22:31

Oh yes that cracked me up.
My oldest has been practising the line about 'better nature' in a deep, manly voice.
It's like a GCSE project for an action film.
Who was looking after that poor kid while they all went off in the boat?

OP posts:
FrustratedTeddyLamp · 03/09/2018 06:29

A great summer film i thought. Not to be taken to serious. The little dog surviving was a nice funny little end clip

Todamhottoday · 03/09/2018 06:40

I enjoyed it it was a good 'la la' film, but did they really choose the actress who played the daughter of the scientist, to have the worst acting skills....

But hey ho it was just a bit of nonsense.

AltheaorDonna · 03/09/2018 06:54

We loved it, but I have a question. Where did the first Meg come from, the one that hit the nuclear sub? Because that was before they broke through the gassy layer thing and let the second Meg out.

And the little kid was annoying, why wasn't she in school?

Jason Stratham was utterly ridiculous in it, I laughed a lot at the shirtless scene.

SouthWestmom · 03/09/2018 07:25

Oh yes the one JS was sure he'd seen? No idea!

OP posts:
IrianOfW · 03/09/2018 16:18

Took DS2 to see it last week because he likes sharks (and prehistoric creatures). Very cheesy but fun. But apparently, according to DS it was quite unlikely to happen (no, really DS Shock)

Growingboys · 23/09/2018 11:06

DC loved it as they are scared of sharks and were terrified by it, I loved it cos of A) Jason Statham and B) hilarious scenes.

Some bits were so over the top even my 8 yr old laughed at them!

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