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Does anyone know what this film is..

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BabloHoney · 14/08/2018 22:24

Friend and I are trying to remember a film we saw at the cinema, I think it’s about 10 years old. All we can remember is it’s about a washed up rock star who is suddenly made to look after his teenage daughter, possibly because her mother died. All we can really remember is lots of scenes of dad and daughter playing Guitar Hero.. does anyone know what I am talking about?? Confused

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Soberfutures · 14/08/2018 22:28

Google came up with a film with Charlotte church called "I'll be there" from 2003? Is this it

BabloHoney · 14/08/2018 22:31

Ah thank you but that’s not it, am sure it’s later, round 2008 / 2009 but we can’t find it googling either (granted our description is quite vague, haha). I’m sure the actor who played the dad was quite famous too.

OP posts:
Soberfutures · 14/08/2018 22:33

It's a strange one ha. Hope u find it Smile

Blue136 · 14/08/2018 22:36

Google came up with Janie Jones (2010)??

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