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Anyone seen GARFIELD yet?

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sylvev · 04/08/2004 20:54

ds and dd fancy seeing this, anyone recommend or otherwise?

OP posts:
Megali · 06/08/2004 14:10

My dd who is 9 saw it with a summer scheme yesterday. She loved it and recommended it to her younger sister.

Frenchgirl · 06/08/2004 14:46

Dd(5) and dh(42...) saw it last week-end, dh said it was OK (Bill Murray as Garfield's voice was very good apparently), and dd loved it, especially the 'dance bit', whatever that was...

sylvev · 06/08/2004 19:35

Thanks, it sounds ok then, we'll give it a go!

OP posts:
lou33 · 06/08/2004 19:50

My four loved it, wanted to sit through it all again!

mrsflowerpot · 06/08/2004 19:59

what sort of age is it OK for? ds is 3.5 - will he be too young to follow it? He sat through Shrek 2 ok. dh is going to be out all weekend so I might need to fall back on the cinema...

lou33 · 06/08/2004 20:40

My youngest is the same age. He was pretty good through most of it.

nutcracker · 06/08/2004 21:14

It is quite good. The dancing bit is very funny.
My kids are 4 and 6 and they loved it.

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