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superoz · 17/03/2018 00:33

Alex Garland’s latest film, currently on Netflix rather than released to cinema.
Have just finished watching - there are so many layers to this, and parts do remind me of Ex-Machina. All credit to the main players being female but not having to mention their gender.
I had to watch some scenes through my fingers and other bits made me feel uncomfortable in a very creepy way. It was intriguing but not sure if can discuss spoilers yet, however my brain is still processing everything !
Has anyone else seen it? I’d like to know what others thought of the ending.

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Dustysparrow · 17/03/2018 21:54

Watched this this afternoon and it left me feeling unsettled. I had no idea what to expect. Some bits were really grim, other bits intriguing. Not sure that I'm glad I watched it. Good acting, but just overall left me feeling a bit shivery, like I wanted to wash it off me. But I guess that was the point.

superoz · 22/03/2018 23:29

Yes, I was compelled to watch it but there was an eeriness about it which made me feel very uncomfortable.
Even now there are parts which make me shudder. The husband and wife relationship was strangely distant as well.

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Woofsaidtheladybird · 22/03/2018 23:33

I saw this in New York a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was absolute shit. Even DH, who is an avid sci fi fan, and it was his choice, agreed Confused

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