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What happens in the last 10 mins of Ladybird? (SPOILER ALERT)

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heidipi · 16/03/2018 15:00

I had to leave at the point where she comes out of hospital, asks the guy what day it is, then seems like she might go to church as it's Sunday.

Fantastic film - I just had to miss the end - aargh!!

Thanks in advance!

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tobee · 16/03/2018 18:41

She then went to the church where the service was happening but watched from a sort of balcony.

Then she went outside and on the street took out her cellphone and rang up her parents. She got the ansaphone. Said it was Christine. Because that was her name. She said it was mostly a message for her mum. She asked if when she first got her driving license did she drive around Sacramento and see everything in a different way? All the streets and curves she already knew so well? Then flashback to her driving through the Sacramento streets, then cut to her mother driving over the bridge and looking at the scenery. Then she says I love you. Then cut to silence and black. Then the credits.

Saw it yesterday. I hope I remembered right.

heidipi · 16/03/2018 18:58

Thanks so much - excellent description, I even teared up a bit!! I was fairly sure there wouldn't be a shock plot twist at the end but you never know 😁

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