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Get out

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Itscurtainsforyou · 25/02/2018 21:04

I've just watched this. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that! Fantastic film Smile

OP posts:
maxthemartian · 06/03/2018 23:16

I loved it, thought it was very clever and surprising.

NewYearNiki · 07/03/2018 04:07

Watch it again. On a second viewing I was Shock 💡

So many things you notice second time around that didn't make sense the first.

NathalieM · 18/04/2018 14:00

Loved it! Very different concept to other thrillers I have seen before, definitely worth a second watch!

MissionItsPossible · 23/04/2018 16:09

Everyone raved about this film so naturally, when I came to watch it, I was overly looking forward to it and expecting something fantastic and ended up thinking it was just okay. I was VERY tired when watching it though and was nodding off at the end

nancy75 · 23/04/2018 16:12

I thought it was ok but hugely predictable.
Fine to watch in the telly but not good enough to watch in the cinema

RolyPolyLilBatFaceGirl · 23/04/2018 16:12

I wouldn't describe it as fantastic but I thought it was quite entertaining

furb · 25/04/2018 18:05

It is indeed fantastic. Tis funny as I just finished writing about it in another thread, then saw this one.

Superb Horror/Thriller

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