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Jumanji (2) welcome to the jungle - total spoilers

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SouthWestmom · 27/12/2017 22:09

So what did you think? I was worried because I ❤️ robin Williams, but actually it worked.

Not scary at all and no surprises, but fun enough for a slow day. Obvious who the pilot was.

The time thing at the end was weird and didn't work for us. How did he recognise them in 'normal' mode and also if he'd gone back to 1996 then they would have grown up knowing him etc.

OP posts:
SouthWestmom · 28/12/2017 08:33

I can't be the only person to have seen it?

OP posts:
tribpot · 28/12/2017 08:52

I liked it. Obvs not the same without Robin Williams but I thought they incorporated him well. Jack Black was great - playing a vain teenaged girl could easily have become just a parody but I thought he made Beth any sympathetic from the beginning. I did think it was sad, however, that as per there is only one woman in the main cast, and she has to be scantily clad. I would have made more of that as a comment on gaming.

Lots of fun, though - all the cast were great.

WandaWitch · 28/12/2017 08:58

We have seen it too and really enjoyed it. Went to see it in 4d (moving chairs etc) - helicopter ride was fab! Grin I think he recognises them at the end from the way the four of them are just stood looking at him in the street and he must realise that they have just come out of the game from their point. He knew they were 20 years ahead of him so would have been expecting them. They would have grown up knowing, the previous reality when he was missing. Only the people inside the game remember what happened before. Hence they didn’t know him growing up. It’s the same in the first film where Robin Williams and the woman try to stop their parents going on the road trip that they knew from last time was where they were killed.

It’s a really good film - I went with DC and lower expectations as wasn’t fussed about seeing it and was really surprised how much I enjoyed it - we spent the next day discussing all the different plot bits and DC spent about an hour happily explaining it all to DH so it obviously made an impact on them!

Favourite was Jack Black! He absolutely WAS a sixteen year old girl in a middle aged mans body!! He was weirdly incredibly believable!! Watching it I could see her and not him... it was strange...

WandaWitch · 28/12/2017 09:02

Yes, will also agree - it was very nice how they linked back to the first film with the name in the log cabin, did make me feel rather sad for a moment too.

youarenotkiddingme · 28/12/2017 09:11

Watched it last night with ds (13).

I found it very funny, very relevant to today's lifestyle.

I got confused by ending too. Alex returned in 1996 but knew and recognised kids that weren't born until 5 years ish later.

Mind you considering the plot and storyline I guess that isn't the weirdest thing about it!

SouthWestmom · 28/12/2017 09:18

Ok that makes a bit more sense that he was expecting them.

It's a bit different to the usual time travel stuff that you reset the future iyswim?

At the end do we think the game is totally destroyed?

And yes to Jack Black - fantastic performance

OP posts:
youarenotkiddingme · 28/12/2017 09:30

Agree - totally amazing performance. Very funny and spot on imagery of a self obsessed teen girl with out going OTT.

youarenotkiddingme · 28/12/2017 09:40

Nick Jonus is such a talented young man.
Myfanwyprice · 28/12/2017 09:40

Would you say a 7 year old would understand it? Dh and I are keen to go, but unsure if Dd would like it?

SouthWestmom · 28/12/2017 09:41

I think so. Mine are 10 and 12 but there is no real violence or scary stuff at all. Plus it's quite an easy concept - trapped in a game.

The jump from 1996 to today at the beginning isn't well highlighted though.

OP posts:
Summerisdone · 28/12/2017 10:01

I went Saturday and loved it. Yes if you think about it enough then you can find some plot holes, but they’re not major and certainly not enough to ruin the film.

I thought it was a great homage to the original with just a few subtle nods such as Alan Parish’s name being on the jungle hut thing.
I think all actors were brilliantly funny in their own way; I did worry that it could become a contest between who is funniest out of Jack Black and Kevin Hart but actually they complimented each other really well.

I’m definitely looking forward to the release so I can download it on iTunes and rewatch it.

SouthWestmom · 28/12/2017 10:11

Oh I forgot - I loved the non particpatory characters. So funny.

OP posts:
youarenotkiddingme · 28/12/2017 12:11

The girl sat with family next to us was about 7/8 years old. She laughed from beginning to end!

Myfanwyprice · 28/12/2017 22:27

Ooh excellent, thank you for the feedback, will hopefully go this weekend Smile

Myfanwyprice · 02/01/2018 10:04

We went yesterday and we all loved it, dd was a bit scared, but I think she’s just a bit sensitive, there were other young children in the cinema who didn’t seem scared.

Ds (11) was absolutely transfixed and quite enjoyed being that bit older and understanding some of the innuendo Grin

revengeongc · 13/01/2018 00:05

It was brilliant. I took my on the spectrum 5 year old and despite me having to explain every single scene to him in a whisper, he enjoyed it :)

It's properly funny, has character development, a few genuinely affecting moments. The Rock and Jack Black are fantastic, and boy, that's not a sentence I ever thought I'd type!

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