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Me Before You

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NikiBabe · 26/08/2017 19:05

I saw this a few nights ago.

Whilst I thought alot of the story was good, I was disappointed by the ending.

I thought it was going to be a romance, have a relationship story.

What did anyone else think?

OP posts:
Allice · 27/08/2017 07:33

I've read the book but not seen the film, providing that the film was like the book. I thought that the ending was terribly sad and I cried buckets, I kind of liked it that love couldn't conquer all this time but I really wanted it to.
I've read the second book, it's not as good but is ok.

HollyBollyBooBoo · 27/08/2017 07:42

I don't understand how you don't think there's a relationship or romance story in the film?!

It's an incredibly deep bond that they have.

Bluntness100 · 27/08/2017 07:44

I thought it was very sad but s good movie. With such a sad ending I find it strange you say well I'm disappointed I thought it would be s romance,,,hmm,

cowgirlsareforever · 27/08/2017 07:46

Isn't this the film that basically says that if you are disabled then life isn't worth living?

dudsville · 27/08/2017 07:52

I read the book one as I needed a good cry and knew this would do it. Read it in a day. The ending made sense to me. It's what makes it such a tear jerker. It's they moment in lion king when the cubs father dies but without the rest of the film to make you feel better.

Gwilt160981 · 27/08/2017 07:58

Destroyed me.

PeralMePots · 27/08/2017 08:17

For me, this one one of the few films that was better than the book. I don't think it says, 'if you are disabled, life is not worth living'. I think it says that 'only the individual affect has the right to decide'.

cowgirlsareforever · 27/08/2017 08:40

I believe that many disabled people have huge concerns about the message it sends out. Saying that I haven't read the book or seen the film.

ChardonnaysPrettySister · 27/08/2017 08:42

The actress was so incredibly annoying, I watched it because it wanted to see just how bad acting can get. It was strangely entertaining.

NikiBabe · 27/08/2017 13:57

I believe that many disabled people have huge concerns about the message it sends out.

I would agree. I felt so sad as imo his life, anyone's life, in that situation still had immense value.

But as someone else said it was the individuals right to choose.

OP posts:
DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 27/08/2017 13:58

How did you not think there was a relationship and a romance?

MamaOfTwos · 27/08/2017 14:01

I think this film is about respecting personal choice, not about 'let's snuff out anyone disabled'...
it's a beautiful story and I like the fact that she didn't 'save him' in the traditional sense, it's a very powerful message in the positive vote for legalising controlled euthanasia in this country. Very well acted and utterly charming

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 27/08/2017 14:01

He saved her instead.

NikiBabe · 27/08/2017 14:02

How did you not think there was a relationship and a romance?

There was.

I meant I thought it would be about them marrying and having a long term relationship.

OP posts:
QuinoaKeen · 27/08/2017 14:04

The sequel to the book is total shite.

Massive, stupid, infuriating twist.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 27/08/2017 14:04

Ahhhh, you wanted a Hollywood Ending?

honeysucklejasmine · 27/08/2017 14:06

I agree with cowgirls. My brother has the same disability and I found it very disappointing. A much better film is a French one called "The Untouchables", highly recommended for positive look at life as a disabled adult.

NikiBabe · 27/08/2017 14:08

Not a hollywood ending I just thought they would be together long term. Not necessarily happily ever after and everything is fine.

OP posts:
gabsdot · 27/08/2017 19:43

I thought it was way too fluffy to deal with such a serious issue.
The actress wasn't very good. Too smily. Sam Clafin was great though.

chancerprancer · 28/08/2017 23:54

I thought it was so sad. That he was basically saying she wasn't enough for him to keep on living when she could see a future for them.
But maybe he was being realistic in that he in particular could not accept how his life had changed.

But still if I was her I think I'd be so sad and hurt that he didn't want to spend more time with her, to be with her when he had seemed happy.

I might be over invested in this book!

I know he thought he was doing her a favour but realistically that experience of losing him would scar her forever.

WhatsTheEffingPoint · 30/08/2017 00:10

Read the book first and bawled my eyes out.
Was afraid to watch the film in case it didnt do the book justice (bit like p.s i love you) but i thought the film was great and it made me bawl my eyes out.

The second book is shite though!

EvansGreen · 01/09/2017 14:37

it's a beautiful movie and very sad

bluegrape · 09/09/2017 21:03

I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.

NapQueen · 19/04/2018 07:09

Just watched this last night and bawled my eyes out from the scene on the beach where she tells him she knows right until the very end.

He got the ending he wanted. He had a choice, and everyone around him wanted him to carry on. He chose to go after a wonderful final 6 months.

Ok so Emilia is the smiliest woman on earth but thinking about it now who could have played Louisa better?

Purple999Red · 10/05/2018 10:47

A beautiful movie indeed.

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