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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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NikiBabe · 30/07/2017 13:35

I plan to see this as it is by the same director as the Fifth Element.

Seen mixed reviews though.

Anyone else plan to see it?

OP posts:
NikiBabe · 02/08/2017 18:24

Saw it.

Beautiful to look at but appalling dialogue.

OP posts:
Soubriquet · 02/08/2017 18:25

Ah that's a shame

I'll still watch it because like you said fifth element but shame

NikiBabe · 02/08/2017 18:27

Maybe it was just me but the dialogue just seemed very childish to me.

OP posts:
Ekphrasis · 02/08/2017 18:50

Ahhhh I really want to see this!

Shame dialogue not great.

NikiBabe · 02/08/2017 20:10

I must stress it's only my opinion about the dialogue. Someone else may not share that view.

OP posts:
NikiBabe · 02/08/2017 23:36

The other thing was the main characters had no chemistry and I wasnt sure about Rhianna in it.

OP posts:
Ekphrasis · 03/08/2017 18:58
nct73 · 08/08/2017 09:24

Suitability for kids? Mine are 8 & 10.5. We have done Guardians of the Galaxy & Spiderman recently but know not all 12As are as suitable. As the design is superior to the dialogue, we would really like to see Valerian on the big screen but don't know whether it's family outing or trying to get babysitter as probably gone from big screen by end of holidays.

NikiBabe · 09/08/2017 10:54

There's nothing particularly offensive about it. Not any sex or bad language or extreme violence.

The only thing I would say is it is nearly 2.5 hours and the plot is barely there. Ive seen more nefarious plots in Disney films. Im not sure the plot would be comprehensible to an 8 yo and it takes so long to get to the point and even then I thought meh. It's actually quite boring.

But it is action packed and visually beautiful.

As an example of the dialogue this is a good one. It was like this all the way through and I wanted to knock their heads together.

OP posts:
SouthWestmom · 21/08/2017 23:16

Oh I'm so glad to see this. Took the kids tonight (9 and 12) and had high hopes: what a pile of sexist shite. The Carla character is meant to be a feminist (translation according to the film - as good at fighting as the men and a bit 'feisty' ) but they still manage to get shed loads of barely covered tits and arse in there.

Kids hated it, thought it was a massive rip off of Star Wars (yes I know it's comic book based))

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