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Ceto · 18/05/2017 23:19

Been to see this today, and I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a thread already. I went with my sister because she wanted to see it, and had no real expectations beyond being aware it had a good cast, and I must say I really enjoyed it. It's well written, taking you off into unexpected directions, and does make you think a bit about the nature of film making, acting and writing. Highly recommended.

OP posts:
PurpleWithRed · 18/05/2017 23:31

I loved it. Laughed and cried, and loved the styling. Highly recommended.

MyOtherProfile · 19/05/2017 06:21

I saw it too and thought it was brilliant. Well worth seeing.

highinthesky · 19/05/2017 06:25

My mum saw it at preview and was not impressed. Which convinces me I'm gonna love it Grin

BasiliskStare · 31/05/2017 01:46

Looking forward to this - love your film review criteria high Grin

wigglesrock · 31/05/2017 22:13

I loved this & wasn't sure if I would. I can be a bit meh about Bill Nighy same trick different film but it was really enjoyable - a lovely film.

Ceto · 01/06/2017 15:33

Yes, I started out thinking the Bill Nighy character was going to be a reprise of his character in Love Actually, and was therefore pleasantly surprised when it went off in a very different direction.

OP posts:
Walkingtowork · 19/06/2017 12:08

This is my film of the year so far, and I've seen a lot! Loved everything about it: stylish, clever, warm, brilliantly feminist. Have been encouraging everyone I know to see it.

NikiBabe · 14/09/2017 19:03

I finally got around to seeing this. Nice premise but did they have to end it like that.


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