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Schindlers List

26 replies

GrumpyOldBag · 05/03/2017 19:42

Watched this again last night after listening to the Radio 4 programme about Oscar winners, with 15 year old DS. He is doing Nazi Germany in history at the moment.

What an amazing, harrowing film. Saw it when it first came out 30 years ago, would really recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

We both were very, very moved.

OP posts:
LostInMess · 05/03/2017 19:45

I don't think it could watch it again - not since I've had children. The most incredible, thought provoking film but so, so harrowing.

I do remember Spielberg had been repeatedly overlooked for Oscars for his previous films. Absolutely no way they could ignore Schindler's list!

What was your DS's reaction?

AndShesGone · 05/03/2017 19:46

30 years? Shit, really ?

Amazing film

Ferrisday · 05/03/2017 19:49

Read the book for A level
The movie was very well done, probably one of the best.
So emotional. Amazing man

Creatureofthenight · 05/03/2017 19:51

It came out in 1994, so not 30 years yet!
It is a great film.

Bluntness100 · 05/03/2017 19:51

it is actually 23 years ago it was made,,,

And I recall walking out of the cinema as I couldn't watch it. I was 24. I watched it fully last year and it's a brilliant but distressing film.

wobblywonderwoman · 05/03/2017 19:53

Watched it as part of my A Level History course back in the 90s but haven't seen it since.

It wasnt that far back in history either :(

ArriettyClock1 · 05/03/2017 19:55

It's not 30 years old.

I have only watched it once, when it came out. It is an amazing film, but I would struggle to watch it again.

However, my 14 yr old is doing history and I feel I should watch it with him.

catsarenice · 05/03/2017 19:58

Saw it at the cinema 3 times and cried my eyes out every time. It really played on my mind too and I kept thinking about it. Was doing gcse history at the time and my teacher was Jewish and would tell us about the awful experiences of her family. Such a brilliant film - I recorded it last time it was on to and have started to watch it a few times but always turn it off as I just can't face it. That red coat....Sad

ShugAvery1 · 05/03/2017 20:03

Amazing, harrowing but important film.

DH bollocked me when he came home to find me inconsolable after watching it for the first time. He'd warned me not to watch it by myself.

I really do feel it's a film that everyone should watch at some point though.

FreeNiki · 05/03/2017 21:51

It didn't move me at all. I found it dull and overly long.

A WW2 film I couldn't watch again was The Pianist.

iklboo · 05/03/2017 21:58

24 years?! Jeez. I can still see several scenes very, very clearly and I've not seen it since it came out. I remember feeling completely numb and hollow when I left the cinema.

BagelGoesWalking · 06/03/2017 01:00

Sophie's Choice even better, some scenes in it are unforgettable.

NewtScamandersNaughtyNiffler · 06/03/2017 01:04

I watched it recently with 12 year old ds on his teachers recommendation (have seen it many many times myself)
He just sat in stunned silence at the end and then said "he was a hero"

Spielberg (and most of the cast iirc) made no money from the film.

gluteustothemaximus · 06/03/2017 01:10

Watched it when it came out, very difficult to watch but amazing film.

Watched it again recently as DS watched it at school. Was is floods of uncontrollable sobs. Probably be another 20 years before I watch it again.

Think everyone should watch it, to remind ourselves, and to make sure it never happens again.

AcrossthePond55 · 06/03/2017 03:04

Saw it at the cinema, by myself, the first time. I remember when the lights came up there were any number of people (myself included) that were just sitting there, stunned or in tears. After a few minutes I got up and went to my car and just sobbed.

I've seen it twice since, both times on TV with each of my sons when they were in their early teens. It still moved me to tears and it made a great impression on my sons.

It absolutely should be mandatory viewing for every young person. It teaches such valuable lessons about man's inhumanity to man and about how one person can triumph over it. And about redemption and how a person can change.

HelsinkiLights · 06/03/2017 03:32

Saw it when it first came out at a late night showing.
There were probably about 30 people who came out of the screening room after the film ended. Everyone was silent & looked shocked, a few were silently weeping. I felt numb. I still remember the girl in the red dress & I remember whenever I see Schindler marked on a lift. (Btw Schindler Lift company started in Switzerland in 1874.)

I'm not following you Pond honestly Gin

AcrossthePond55 · 06/03/2017 03:36
mimishimmi · 06/03/2017 04:06

Very important in times like these when they are doing their level best to get it to happen again....

TheDowagerCuntess · 06/03/2017 04:24

I haven't seen it since it came out. I thought it was amazing.

I don't know if I could watch it again - real life events make me so uneasy at the moment.

sofato5miles · 06/03/2017 04:57

I recently met my friend's father who is norwegian. He was a small boy in Norway at the beginning of the war and his father was a psychiatrist.

When they heard that the Nazi's were advancing they left Oslo for the woods where their maid had family.

After a while, they returned as the Nazi's weren't going anywhere and his father got a job at an institution in the north. They hid jewish people on the ward for the most insane and told them to act for their life.

After the war when J was 10, their doorbell rang one evening. He opened it to find 30 people standing peacefully, holding candles asking for his father. They had come to pray and say thank you.

This was told to us over supper, and of course we wept, including J, as for him it was part of his life.

There will always be good people. There will always be evil ones too. Courage is a very important lesson and we must teach it.

GrumpyOldBag · 06/03/2017 09:06

My apologies for getting the date of the film wrong.

DS was was both moved and stunned by it. He did not pick up his phone once during the over 3 hour duration, which is saying something!

I think it conveys so well what life was like for Jewish people at that time, and how not every Nazi was evil.

We have German family so it's important to get perspective on it too.

The final scene, when the real survivors visit Schindler's grave with the actors who played them, was incredible.

And yes, Spielberg donated all the profits from the film to holocaust charities.

OP posts:
EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 08/03/2017 10:27

Saw it in the cinema when it came out an incredibly moving film

I don't want to watch it again and I haven't seen Sophie's Choice and do not want to

ClaudiaApfelstrudel · 08/03/2017 10:29

one of the best films I've seen, absolutely moving

CherryChasingDotMuncher · 09/03/2017 21:12

It's on my list of films to watch again. Haven't seen it since before I had kids, who BTW have turned me into a sobbing mess at the slightest thing, so I know I'll be howling all the way through it. I mean, I watched Hook with DD today and cried 5 bloody times in different parts. I'm gonna be screwed at Schindler's List.

I will never ever watch Sophie's Choice it sounds horrific

MsAmerica · 05/04/2017 20:55

I love Schindler, and if I told you how many times I've seen in - and I mean in a theater, not at home - you'd be surprised. Luckily, I had read the book first, or else the tension would have been unbearable. But it's interesting to me to see people who wouldn't see it again. After all, it has a happy ending. The WWII movie I don't think I'd be able to see again is The Grey Zone.

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