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High School Musical

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Hulababy · 03/03/2007 09:45

DD has just got this on DVD last Tuesday. We never managed to catch in on Sky. Apparantly they have been watching it in Drama club, and doing singing/dacncing based aorund it. So, of course, she just had to have a copy, lol!

So I have now seen this film so many times - tthe same bits over and over. Currently watching the auditions bit for the second time this morning alone!


OP posts:
geekgrrl · 03/03/2007 09:48

what age group is it suitable for? Dd1 who is 7.5 has been after it ever since hearing the soundtrack at a friend's house but I am unsure as to whether its not a bit too old for her...?

Radley · 03/03/2007 10:00

I wouldn't say it's too old for her geekgrrl, my dd is also 7.5 and she loves it, she knows the songs etc word for word.

Hulababy · 03/03/2007 10:57

Well DD is almost 5 and she loves it. To be fair it is the singing and dancing bits she likes, and will skip the bits she finds boring, although has has watched the whole thing through a couple of times too. She knows the words to a lot of the songs already. have just ordered the sound track too as only £6.99 on Play.

OP posts:
pindy · 03/03/2007 11:00

my ds and dd both love this film, they are 13 & 14.5!!!

I think ds would like to be the lad in it!!!!

I think it is suitable for all ages, nice "feel good" film.


Marscentio · 03/03/2007 11:05

This film is loved by all 5 of the Marslets!

I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying, sooooooooooooooarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg

jellybeans · 06/03/2007 18:18

My kids all love this they are ages between 4-10, must admit i like it too!!!!!!!

3andnomore · 06/03/2007 18:27

my es loves it...he wanted it for X-mas and got it, apparnelty it's "THE THING" at his school.
He is 10 1/2!

golds · 06/03/2007 18:39

my dd knows the dance routines and does them to the soundtrack without the DVD on.

When she's 18 she wants to change her name legally to Sharpay !!!!!
I like it too the film not the name

charmkin · 06/03/2007 19:03

stick to the status quo

bop bop bop to the top

big thing in our house

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