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I want to buy a dvd of the original Jungle Book, but I'm having a bit of trouble

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bran · 27/02/2007 12:56

Amazon have them 'new and used' from £85 , and I don't want to buy from Ebay as I can't be sure that they are kosher. I've tried and CD-Wow but they don't stock it. Where else could I look?

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bran · 27/02/2007 12:57

Sorry, I should have said 'original Disney' not 'original'.

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DeputyMacDawg · 27/02/2007 12:58

Trouble with Disney DVD is they release 'classics' for only a limited time in the shops
Don't know where you'd get one, unless it's released again in the future

MerlinsBeard · 27/02/2007 12:59

the animated one?

saralou100 · 27/02/2007 12:59

i think diseney are re-releasing it next year... we asked about this one!

MerlinsBeard · 27/02/2007 13:00

according to this site thre isn't one on DVD just video

bran · 27/02/2007 13:09

Yes, it looks from Amazon as though they last released it in 2000 as that's what's for sale. Perhaps I'll hold on until next year and see. Thanks Saralou.

There was a free cd of the songs of the Jungle Book in the Sunday Times quite a while ago and ds really likes the music. I thought that they usually gave those things away as a teaser for a new release of the film, but already there's been too big a time lag for that to be the case.

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treacletart · 06/03/2007 21:24

If you do a completed item search on ebay you'll see they can quite often go for £10 - 15

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