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whats your kids favourite film?

22 replies

juicychops · 19/02/2007 14:57

ds (2.2) loves Toy Story and Shrek

OP posts:
Blu · 19/02/2007 14:59

DS 5 is currently watching a range of films featuring computer generated dinosaurs.

yorkshirelass79 · 19/02/2007 14:59

Message withdrawn

AshNotTheHousewaresOne · 19/02/2007 16:48

as a nipper EmBee had a thing for the 'lone wolf and cub' series...whilst Meela much preferred any musical. Cass (9 months) on the other hand will watch anything as long as it features:
Chinese girls fighting, robots, Chinese girls fighting, dinosaurs or Chinese girls fighting (think he has a fetish lol

willandsamsmum · 19/02/2007 20:32

For my 5yo DS it's Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, Toy Story and King Kong.

3yo DS likes Mr Bean, Nemo, Toy Story, Batman (the film of the 1960's tv series) and, new for this week, Morph!

PersonalClown · 19/02/2007 20:33

CARS. Nuff said really. Ds will not watch any other film. Tv shows are a different matter altogether...

cazzybabs · 19/02/2007 20:35

none - they are all too scary for dd1 (4.5 years!!!!) .

Tried to watch lady and the tramp whilst I was ill in bed and she ahd her hands over her ears and was crying her heart out when the aunt tried to muzzle lady. Also the cat in Cinderalla is too scary....I could go on!

nikkie · 19/02/2007 20:45

HArry Potter for both atm , at least I don't mind them!

Aloha · 19/02/2007 20:46

Mary Poppins!

expatinscotland · 19/02/2007 20:47

That damn Dora the Explorer Big Sister DVD my mother sent over.

snowwonder · 19/02/2007 20:47

dd -9 ...high school musical!!!!!!!!!!

lockets · 19/02/2007 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Posey · 19/02/2007 20:50

Ds's absolute favorite just now is Cars. Thank goodness the rest of us like it. Before that it was Toy Story 2. He's 4.
Dd likes both of them as well but also loves Harry Potter. She's 9.

Troutpout · 19/02/2007 20:53

Most still too scary for ds (9)
dd (4) likes anything...but Little mermaid is prob her fave at the moment

jodee · 19/02/2007 20:55

DS has many faves, but has reverted back a lot lately to Monsters Inc, I think because he 'gets' some of the subtle humour now.

Aefondkiss · 19/02/2007 20:58

howl's moving castle and charlotte's web (cartoon one not the new one) (ds 2.9)

nausicaa valley of the wind (dd 5.6) but also these at one time or another...

hoodwinked (yuck imho)
the bfg

skerriesmum · 19/02/2007 21:03

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are his faves. He's 4. He liked Cars well enough in the cinema but now we have the DVD he's not into it much. He loved Madagascar too. And the Rescue Heroes movie.

WigWamBam · 19/02/2007 21:05

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in this house.

Muminfife · 19/02/2007 21:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

McDreamy · 19/02/2007 21:15

The Polar Express

Aimsmum · 19/02/2007 21:18

Message withdrawn

southeastastra · 19/02/2007 21:20

ds(5) star wars episode i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi argh

Christie · 19/02/2007 22:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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