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If I love this film, I should watch...

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tobee · 15/10/2016 17:33

I was wondering if there's a website where you can put films in a search and it comes up with similar films. I realise I could use mumsnet but I think people would be a bit fed up with me asking multiple times of an evening as I um and ah. Anyone know of a good alternative?

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bruffin · 22/10/2016 11:27

If you search a film on imdb there is a "people who liked this film also like" but at the bottom.
Netflix also does recommendations on your previous viewing.

tobee · 02/11/2016 18:20

Thank you!

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MsAmerica · 02/11/2016 23:08

But it makes me so sad - when people operate like this, it just serves to narrow their experience. With such a range of movies, why don't you leap into different areas?

Bambambini · 05/11/2016 22:14

nah, just ask here - I love talking about movies.

tobee · 11/11/2016 01:17

I love watching all types of movies actually! But sometimes I'm in the mood for a certain type of movie. It's just a bit of fun, yer know!

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ILoveAutumnLeaves · 11/11/2016 02:34


In the nicest possible way, if this makes you sad, I think you need to get out more. Save your sadness for ACTUAL problems in the world, God alone knows there are enough of them. Asking for film suggestions really isn't a 'sad' issue.

YouHadMeAtCake · 11/11/2016 03:28

Autumn pretty much covered what I was going reply to msamerica that's such a ridiculous thing to be sad about.

flumpybear · 11/11/2016 04:27

What's the film?

tobee · 11/11/2016 10:24

No particular film. It stems from the fact that teen ds and I watched a few 80s films a few weeks ago, films that were out when I was his age! But I couldn't remember what others there were, some I missed the first time maybe. And this is a familiar question on mumsnet what we're reading for books. Sometimes I use amazon but to see the "what other customers bought" but it doesn't work that well.

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