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Notes on a scandal.

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twinsetandpearls · 03/02/2007 23:39

Has to be the best film I have seen in ages. Anyone else seen it?

OP posts:
Molesworth · 04/02/2007 00:12

Not yet but I can't wait! Going to see it next week

sunnywong · 04/02/2007 00:18

I cannot wait either! Loved the book.

I have to sit on my own in the cinema as I will probably wee with uncontained excitement at the scenes shot in Archway Road and announce loudly to the whole cinema "That's the end of our road! Ahhhh the 134!" etc. I will probably go first session on a Wednesday when I am least likely to annoy the general populous.

MrsJohnCusack · 04/02/2007 00:21

is it really good? Can't wait to see it as good as the book?

expatinscotland · 04/02/2007 00:25


Better than the book, IMO.

Which doesn't happen often, and I read the book first in every instance.

harpsichordcarrier · 04/02/2007 00:26

it's very well cast imo.
Judi D
Cate B
the boy is just beautiful enough to make that part seem believeable

MrsJohnCusack · 04/02/2007 00:54

yes I thought the casting looked brilliant
hoping that at some point I'll be able to get out of here and go by myself - don't think it's quite out here

nikkie · 04/02/2007 17:41

Hopefully going this week if everyone is well again!

Molesworth · 05/02/2007 18:35

Saw it today: superb

Loved the Glass soundtrack

amynnixmum · 05/02/2007 18:41

Ooh great - I really enjoyed the book.

donnie · 05/02/2007 18:45

have read the book and liked it although it left a rather rancid taste in my mouth.

wotzsaname · 05/02/2007 18:56

Wished i seen it instead of Venus. Must go and watch it this week if i can.

Molesworth · 05/02/2007 19:55

Some aspects of the story have been changed for the film but it remains faithful to the book imo. One of the best adaptations I've seen

DarrellRivers · 05/02/2007 19:57

Loved the book, and love the sound of the setting, NW London girl at heart
Ah the glamour of the Archway Road

Dior · 05/02/2007 20:00

Message withdrawn

Molesworth · 05/02/2007 20:01

Judi D and Cate B manage to inspire some sympathy for their characters

We did have beads of sweat on our top lips for the sex scenes though

Itcouldhavebeenbeetroot · 05/02/2007 20:28

Patrick Marber adapted - writer of CLOSER

mummytosteven · 05/02/2007 20:37

it was great! stunning performances by Judi, Cate and Bill Nighy.

scampadoodle · 06/02/2007 13:41

Thought it was excellent, & the acting superb, BUT I really couldn't see why she'd have an affair with that boy - he just wasn't mature enough, or goodlooking enough to be attractive to a woman so much older, who had so much to lose, IMO. I'm sure the actor playing the boy will be lovely when he's older, but TBH, the thought of having any kind of intimate contact with a 15 yr-old - Ew!

Molesworth · 06/02/2007 15:11

I think they could have spent a little more time on Connolly's pursuit of Sheba tbh, that might've made their affair more believable?

scampadoodle · 06/02/2007 16:08

Yeah maybe, though when I was reading the book I always imagined him as being a bit hunkier & older-looking. So maybe I'm wrong, rather than the casting

Molesworth · 06/02/2007 16:14

I must admit he did look very young! Made the sex scenes more shocking

hermykne · 06/02/2007 16:17

the book was good, very unnerving how blinkered sheba was.
not so sure about seeing the movie as that makes it more real or something...

judi dench has a brilliant look in her eyes at the publicity shoot being used. its malevent if ever i saw a look

Molesworth · 06/02/2007 16:18

I don't think it'll spoil the book for you - it's a very good adaptation

(they have changed the ending though)

Piffle · 06/02/2007 16:20

Well please let it be beter than the book with that superb cast
The book was not great IMO
but as I was reading it I thought this part is MADE for Cate Blanchett it had her written all over it, as I read the book I even imagined her in it.

nikkie · 09/02/2007 21:06

Just been tonight,Fantastic film!
All the actors are perfect as their parts, but does anyone else regognise the lad playing Stephen Connelly?

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