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what is your favourite movie soundtrack?

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HowToProceed · 25/07/2016 20:09

mine used to be the theme tune for pearl harbour. but now its the theme song from pan's labyrinth, its such a beautifully haunting tune. what is yours and why do you love it?

OP posts:
BringingYoniBack · 25/07/2016 20:11

Garden State.

I listen to Frou Frou when I'm struggling to make sense of the world.

joanna345 · 25/07/2016 20:12

Oh brother, where art thou?

lcoc2015 · 25/07/2016 20:12

The Graduate

trebleclef101 · 25/07/2016 20:13

Dirty Dancing Grin

Madbengalmum · 25/07/2016 20:13

Meet Joe Black.

Nettletheelf · 25/07/2016 20:14

Purple Rain DON'T LAUGH

MunchMunch · 25/07/2016 20:14

Dirty dancing

No intellectual films for me Grin

HowToProceed · 25/07/2016 20:15

no laughing here. they are all perfectly credible.

OP posts:
WhereMyMilk · 25/07/2016 20:16

Dirty dancing
Top gun
Twilight series

RumAppleGinger · 25/07/2016 20:16

My favourite is the Jackie Brown sound track. I think most tarantino sound tracks are brilliant and I'm always introduced bands/artists I'd never heard before but quickly love.

LokisUnderpants · 25/07/2016 20:17

LOTR. Gives me goosebumps.

Palomb · 25/07/2016 20:18

Oh brother where art thou is a fantastic soundtrack!

Mine would be Forrest Gump

PersonalClown · 25/07/2016 20:18

Oh so many!

Romeo and Juliet
Moulin Rouge
Top Gun
Pitch Perfect
Lilo and Stitch

ppandj · 25/07/2016 20:18

I love film soundtracks! My favourite ever is a song from Amelie which is on a bank advert at the moment (HSBC I think, incase you want to listen!). Also the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, 10 Things I Hate About You and the Lion King Grin.

HowToProceed · 25/07/2016 20:19

i love ten things i hate about you.

OP posts:
Rollergirl1 · 25/07/2016 20:19

Grosse Pointe Blanke
Donnie Darko
Requiem for a Dream

SoleBizzz · 25/07/2016 20:19

Letter To Brezhnev has beautiful music.

HonkHonkNose · 25/07/2016 20:21

Place marking to listen to some of these later.

I LOVE Dirty Dancing btw Grin

melonribena · 25/07/2016 20:21

I have a few!

Grease 2
Dirty dancing
The Wedding Singer (musical)
The breakfast club
Romeo and Juliet
Moulin rouge

And my favourite is
The rocky horror picture show

FellOutOfBed2wice · 25/07/2016 20:21

The much underrated soundtrack to About a Boy. Sounds an unlikely classic, but Badly Drawn Boy did the whole soundtrack and the album is beautiful.

TrionicLettuce · 25/07/2016 20:23

I listen to film soundtracks more than anything else, there's no way I could pick a single favourite!

Tracks I'm currently listening to a lot:

MunchMunch · 25/07/2016 20:24

YY to

Rocky horror
Breakfast club
The wedding singer

How could I have forgotten those?!

MatchsticksForMyEyes · 25/07/2016 20:25

A Perfect Storm
Shawshank Redemption
The Pianist
The House of Sand of Fog

HowToProceed · 25/07/2016 20:26

marriage of figaro from shawshank is another absolute favourite.

OP posts:
insancerre · 25/07/2016 20:27

Mine is the crow
One of my favourite films and fantastic songs too

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