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The purge movie

7 replies

Mommym24 · 21/07/2016 07:16

Do you think the idea of the purge movie is a good one? One night a year from 7pm-7am you are free I commit any crime you like even murder

OP posts:
SarahJoJo1 · 26/07/2016 12:25

No, the poor and vulnerable would suffer

MrPony · 26/07/2016 12:26

No way. I'd be cowering in my bomb shelter.

flanjabelle · 26/07/2016 12:28

No. It wouldn't stop crime in the real world, it would just increase the murder rates and blur the lines between what is acceptable and what isn't.

DraenorQueen · 26/07/2016 12:29

How weird, I am watching the third on on my computer right now!
No, it's quite obviously an appalling idea.

Purpleheinz · 26/07/2016 12:31

Just watched this on Sunday,
Bizarre, crazy film but I really liked it!
Torn between barricading myself in a cave for the 12 hours, weeping with fear & leaving the country before the following year & getting myself all GI Jane & going all out to kick some ass!!!

Laylajoh · 28/07/2016 13:17

I found the idea absurd, with hardly any plausible benefit at all!

Blackinck · 06/06/2019 06:25

It's a good idea if the gov plans it right

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