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World War Z question - warning: possibly in poor taste

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UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 09/07/2016 07:27

So I finally got around to watching WWZ last night. I thought it was good.

Afterwards I realised there were no babies or very young children in the film at all. No parents pushing prams frantically fleeing the zombies, no one cradling babies on the zombie infested plane.

I know I'm a loon to complain about lack of realism in a zombie flick but am I right in assuming that the filmmakers decided the general movie going public just aren't ready to see zombie babies and zombie toddlers?

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whensitmyturn · 09/07/2016 07:31

You're Probably right, plus in many of the scenes the zombies are running so you would only see the adults as children wouldn't be able to keep up!

Have you read the book? It's very different from the film and it does describe one of the characters finding a baby carrier with a zombie baby/ toddler stuck in it.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 09/07/2016 07:46

Ah no, didn't realise it was a book, is it any good?

But if you were running from zombies I hope you would take your baby with you. And where were the zombie children? I'm guessing schools would have been attacked.

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squeezed · 09/07/2016 08:11

Babies and children do tend to get lefts out of zombie plots. Although z nation had a zombie baby and that was just unsettling.

whensitmyturn · 09/07/2016 08:14

Haha yes I meant the running zombies (therefore not seeng running zombie children). But yes you don't see many - probably because they got them first Sad

The book is bloody brilliant it doesn't resemble the film at all really and is a collection of survivors accounts of world war z over the timeline of it beginning/during and the end. Haunted me a lot more than the film did.

The film was good loads of action/big scenes until halfway through where it looked like the production company went 'shit we've run out of money!' And then filmed the rest in some dingy lab!

Marmaladeday · 09/07/2016 08:20

Oh the book is incredible. It is a very realistic portrayal with lots of children/babies. It really is a great read.

Having said that although I always say it is unrealistic to have that missing, when walking dead went to a nursery one episode I was desperate for there to be no zombie babies and was relieved when the scene moved on.
I saw the pilot of another zombie show and they had a zombie baby and it ruined it for me. I cannot remember what that was called though.

Marmaladeday · 09/07/2016 08:22

Whenisit, that was the re filmed second half, there is a whole other story that got cut there and changed did you know? . I preferred the one they did not used when I read it but I understand why they went with what they did.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 09/07/2016 08:24

What was the other version? I'm intrigued now.

OP posts:
whensitmyturn · 09/07/2016 08:52

I'm off to google that marmalade thanks!

Dairybanrion · 09/07/2016 08:55

The world war z book is excellent. Portrays the whole event as a real life apocalypse.
I have my zombie apocalypse planned.
I to my parents. I have to get fit first though and learn how to use an axe. Shock
Didn't much like movie.

Dairybanrion · 09/07/2016 08:57

Walking dead had zombie children. Never baby or toddlers.
I know if I saw zombie baby I'd find it awful. I'm looking for escapism. Confused not awful stuff

NeedACleverNN · 09/07/2016 08:59

A lot of movies that have public in it, rarely show babies and toddlers.

People don't want to see babies and toddlers being killed. The latest film 5th wave (yes it was shit) had a really disturbing scene in the book that was completely left out of the film. I knew it was going to leave it out as it creeped me out reading it.

A toddler is placed down in a field near where some people are hiding from aliens. He is stumbling about and crying. A woman goes out, picks him up and brings him in.

He starts to say his mouth hurts, when she looks inside, her breath activates a bomb that the aliens have placed inside the child's mouth and the whole place explodes

ScreamingNotWaving · 09/07/2016 09:11

WWZ the book is excellent, much better than the film.

There's really touching short film with a small baby in it. (Don't worry, it's not awful)

It's called Cargo

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 09/07/2016 12:36

You right that it's not just WWZ. Most horror / disaster films ignore the existence of tiny children. I'd never thought of it before last night.

OP posts:
Marmaladeday · 09/07/2016 13:01

Unexpected, The alternative version is explained here:

I guess as well as being disturbing it is hard to get children into full horror mode. I know I just read an interview about game of thrones where the director lamented the difficulty of child actors stabbing blood bags as they don't know how to stab.

caroldecker · 09/07/2016 13:31

It is expensive to have child actors due to schooling and safe-guarding commitments. Not worth it for extras/bit parts.
Toddlers and babies are also difficult to film as they do not follow directions well.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 09/07/2016 13:55

Thanks Marmalade, very interesting.

OP posts:
Laylajoh · 13/07/2016 08:19

I watched this some time ago. I do believe when the whole thing was over and a solution on how to go 'unnoticed' through the zombies was introduced, there was a scene with a family making a run for it - they had a baby I think?

But I feel you are right. Babies and children don't seem to make it in such movies. Except Game of Thrones :D

laylabelle · 16/07/2016 17:07

Did wonder why jack from lost made a small appearance but makes sense now the ending was changed.

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