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WHY do all Disney films have to have a dead/absent mother in them? (or father, occasionally)

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emkana · 14/01/2007 20:44

It's so emotional! So far I've been crying at the Lion King with dd (5), and at Ice Age (okay, not Disney) - now I'm trying to get the courage together to watch Bambi... not sure if I can face it.

Worst one is when dd asks me in a small voice afterwards "It would never happen in real life, would it Mum? You or Daddy would never die young?"


OP posts:
asleep · 14/01/2007 20:45

finding nemo too

UCM · 14/01/2007 20:47

Cinderella & Snow white too.

I wonder if Walts mum left home/died when he was little?

asleep · 14/01/2007 20:48

lilo & stitch

Skribble · 14/01/2007 20:49

mhh it is a bit of a repeating theme.

Hulababy · 14/01/2007 20:52

I think all the princess ones have missing parent(s).

Cinderella - both parents dead; in hands of stepmother
Snow White - no mother; step mother hates her
Beauty and the Beast - no mother
Aladdin - Jasmine had no mother; Aladdin has no parents
Pochohuntus - no mother
Little Mermaid - no mother

However, Sleeping Beauty has both parents.

harpsichordcarrier · 14/01/2007 20:55

it's a classic theme in children's literature not just Disney. the truth is that not much interesting happens in happy families
the Wicked Stepmother is a key figure, leaving the children vulnerable.
ditto the absent parent

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