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Eddie The Eagle

22 replies

Davros · 02/04/2016 21:58

Enjoyed this a lot, even though it is quite cheesy. It followed the well trod pattern of aspiration, setback, triumph but that seems to be common in many films based on true stories. Train Edgwrton does a bit too much gurning but he is good otherwise. The filming of the ski jumping is excellent. Good fun, uplifting and interesting

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Davros · 02/04/2016 21:59

Taron Edgerton! My phone e has real trouble with his name!

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FadedRed · 02/04/2016 22:05

Was planning to see this as I remember the actual olympics, and was really annoyed when IOC changed the rules to prevent him trying for next games. However, I was put off when I read that Eddie says the film is 95% fiction. Might wait until it comes out on DVD.

Spandexpants007 · 02/04/2016 22:07

It's brilliant!

Davros · 02/04/2016 23:02

It's good old fashioned uplifting fun (imo)

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freshprincess · 02/04/2016 23:07

I thought the same, really sweet, funny and uplifting. wiki tells me they've added a lot to the story, but they havent gone full Hollywood and have him win the Olympics. We were on the edge of our seats for the last jump (and I know what happened).

Hugh Jackman is fiiiiiiiiiiiit

sunny42 · 02/04/2016 23:23

I'm trying to persuade DCs 16 & 18 to go and see this with me next week (desperately trying to 'do' something together in the Easter hols!)
Eddie would have been someone they would have loved in their time; would they enjoy it?

Davros · 03/04/2016 19:20

Blush I see there's already a thread. I'll go there and rate it

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katemiddletonsothermum · 06/04/2016 23:34

I saw it with DH and loved it. And took DS (age9) to see it. He loved it.

southeastastra · 10/04/2016 23:29

in the armstrong and miller book of 1992 if you look up 'cunt' it shows a picture of eddie the eagle

sums it up really. seems history is re-writing itself...

Davros · 10/04/2016 23:54
OP posts:
tangerino · 11/04/2016 18:16

Do you think this would be wasted on children? (10 and 8)

freshprincess · 11/04/2016 19:00

Seems like quite a strong reaction to Eddie the eagle. I don't remember him being particularly scandalous in the eighties.

tangerine - it's a pretty easy story to follow, triumph over adversity, never give up, all that stuff. It's pretty funny. Mine were dead set against it because it's 'from the 80s' which is lame, apparently, but were laughing along and really enjoyed it.

southeastastra · 12/04/2016 08:16

i don't think scandalous was the word. Anyway I correct myself. it was the Mary Whitehouse Experience not armstrong and miller :/

katemiddletonsothermum · 13/04/2016 22:11

Ah yes, of course - because David Baddiel and his strange friend are ho so hilarious without the crutch of profanity. I rest my case.

onlywhenyouleave · 13/04/2016 22:13

I am dying to see this but no one wants to come with me Hmm

In my head, I think it is going to be a lot like Cool Runnings - am I right?

cathyandclaire · 13/04/2016 22:19

We loved it, me, DH and DDs 17 and 19, just a really feel good film with great performances from Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton. Better than cool runnings I thought.

MrsHarveySpecter · 14/04/2016 20:36

Loved it!

landrover · 14/04/2016 20:54

Really good film, loved it!

bluesky · 14/04/2016 20:55

loved it, definitely recommend, took teenage ds

MrsLogicFromViz · 19/04/2016 21:08

Great acting, fab music and a great ethos. British film making at its best.

jasmine1979 · 28/04/2016 23:44

Saw this earlier and loved it. A really great feel good movie perfect for all the family. The time flew by as well, and I didn't once look at my watch as I often end up doing in films nowadays.
I thought the casting was perfect as well. Smile

BagelGoesWalking · 30/04/2016 15:32

Absolutely lovely! Definitely feel-good, great music, probably made Eddie out to be nicer/more sympathetic than he really was (I have no idea what he was like in real life). Really, really enjoyed it, captured that era and Hugh Jackman is delightful.

Certainly brought a tear to my eye but sentimentality is not overdone.

Go and see it while it's still in the cinema!

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