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Happy feet or Flushed Away?

6 replies

sophy · 07/01/2007 13:14

Anybody seen both who can say which would be better for DS's 5 and 7? and for me!

OP posts:
Gem13 · 07/01/2007 13:19

I've only seen Happy Feet and found it far too long with little story - cute for about 5 minutes. Mine are 4 and 2 and were pretty bored by it.

In the Guardian review both films got 2 stars out of 5...

Saturn74 · 07/01/2007 13:22

Seen both with my two boys (10 and 9).
All of us were bored by Happy Feet towards the middle.
The children loved Flushed Away. I liked it a lot, but had a little snooze half way through!
(But we did have the cinema to ourselves, and it was dark and cosy! ).

pianist · 07/01/2007 13:30

The kids enjoyed both, but I'd definitely recommend Flushed Away!

OLIVEBRANCH · 09/01/2007 22:34

We've seen both Happy Feet was a little long and ok but Flushed Away was most enjoyable and my two 7 & 11 loved it. It was appealing to adults as well.

misspinkcat · 09/01/2007 22:34

Flushed away shit imo

3Ddonut · 09/01/2007 22:36

Happy Feet is odd, odd story and not very colourful! Kids have seen flushed away and love it, I haven't seen it, but then I missed the end of Happy Feet aswell, due to restless baby,kids were bored and asked to go home!

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